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Farmers’ markets use words such as “organic”, “chemical-free”, “raised-properly”, “pasteurized free”, and even “CNG” (Certified Naturally Grown): Do these words trick us to think that we want “organic” produce? How do these names affect the consumers? Is the product that you are buying at a farmer’s market grown locally? Are you buying from the farm or are you eating lies? Consumers are buying a premium of a name from a product, but today I am here to find the truth about the farming factory.

The Organic Produce Industry is a billion-dollar industry and largely chaotically regulated. Farmers’ markets claim that produce is fresh from a farm, but in reality, this produce is industrialized from factories that are owned by multi-million dollar corporations and sold to local farmers’ markets for a fraction of the cost. Farmers’ markets used the word “organic” to trick the consumers, by thinking that the products are grown from a farm. Are huge corporations (the organic food industry) mislead consumers into buying products that they think isareareis rare thoughthough “locally” and they do this by calling them “organic”?

The Name “Organic”

Not only huge corporations, but local food markets are letting the consumers down by labeling inorganic food “organic”.

An article published by CBC, Canada’s major news radio, exposes the farmer’s market from the lies of the producers saying, “coming fresh from a farm”. Such as labeled fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, and honey. The investigators found similar items from the store with the same factory farm.

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According to the article from CBC it mentions, “there’s no dmical-free difference between food that you buy at a grocery store and food at the farmers market if it all comes from the food terminal (street food).” The food terminal has a target for consumers has the central site where people go for transportation (bus and trains). They purchase these products to be on the go and it is somewhere that is there in front of them. It answers the question, why would you buy from the farmers market even though you can buy it from a store for an affordable price? Another interesting fact that is from CBC is about the farmer’s market is when they are mentioned “the” and “homegrown”, most of the products are just a hoax and are from a factory farm and possibly an international industry. One example that the article mentioned is “RED SUN” and when most of the food that is not sold is sent to a grocery store is sent to a wholesale market (farmers market) for a cheaper price. Farmers’ markets charge a higher price than a local grocery store with the same brand name with a higher price.

The Use of Pesticides

In “HOOVER INSTITUTION” article called “The Organic Food Hoax” by H. Miller (author’s name) talks about the myth of the “green thumb” and how the process of calling the food organic is not good for your health and the process of factory farming is a risk. By saying “more than 20 chemicals used in the growing and processing of organic crops and are acceptable under the U.S Department of Agriculture’s arbitrary and ever-shifting organic rules.” The article talks about how the use of chemicals harms the crops and processing “organic” fruit and vegetables are part of the law and is approved. Furthermore, the article explains that “many of those organic pesticides are more toxic than synthetic ones used in ordinary farming.” This means that the pesticides, whether or not organic are toxic to the crops.

Farmers are degraded by Huge Corporations

The rise of the employment of huge corporations gradually increases than the farmer’s market. People who work at these huge corporations knowhow things are maneuvered and how to target the consumers. Farmers don’t have a specific target for the consumers purchasing the product but huge corporations do such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. There are over 40 huge corporations that work with grocery food items and produce. According to The Balance Small Business, they mention “According to the newest global report, 32 of the 100 largest retail chains in the world are supermarket and grocery store chains. In the U.S., 20% of the retail chains that are the largest in the world are grocery store and supermarket chains.” And late by saying “This shows the power of the supermarket and grocery store retailers in the U.S. despite the pressure that the major hypermarket and warehouse chains” This a claim shows the rise of the food industry and is significantly growing in large of demand and production. Farmers are also been degraded by huge corporations, that are getting an advantage from the government with the access to pesticides and approval stamps like USDA. According to the American Council of Science and Health, Miles McEvoy’s article on “Organic Marketing is losing a key government advocate”, he mentions “For the last 17 years, the United States government has given organic food corporations a key ally within their halls. But things may get a little more difficult now that Miles McEvoy, deputy administrator of USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP), is stepping down. If you are not aware, organic food has long had its special section inside USDA – the National Organic Standards Board.” This allows the farmers to get the USDA but however, it will cost them a lot of money to securely approve it therefore by saying, “ What qualifies as “organic” is picked by organic industry lobbyists, friendly believers on a “citizen” panel, and overt evangelists like McEvoy. And they have done well, directly leading to a $120,000,000,000 worldwide industry.”

Organic Food affect effect affects us

The writer Victoria Allen for the DAILY MAIL titles “Sorry Gwyneth: Organic food may be good for your health but it will not save the environment.” Initially says “A major study of organic farms reports that some benefits of cutting out pesticides are being undone because so few crops are produced.” This however is true and it is good to cut out pesticides to need a healthier green thumb, but the outcome would be much shorter and can’t live without. The writer further mentions “to be certified as organic, farmers are unable to use the strong chemical weed killers and pesticides which would particularly protect corn, wheat, and maize.” This is true because the majority of the things are made from corn from bread to batteries as Michael Pollan in his book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” the chapter on “CORN”. In the book, Pollan looks at a study that states “higher organic prices are due to limited supply relative to demand, the need to maintain separate distribution channels, and lower yields and sometimes higher production costs.” This means that due to the lack of land farming it is really hard to supply a limited amount of resources from production costs to mandate of labor. One of the fundamental standards of natural cultivation is the development of items without the utilization of destructive synthetic substances and added substances. This utilization of synthetic substances, both past, and present has prompted “Industrial facility Cultivating,” a well-known term portraying the mass amounts of nourishment delivered all through the twentieth century. The rise of these industrial facilities delivered nourishments caused the decay of little scale and family-claimed farms. In any case, the later rise in mindfulness and influxes of environmentalism, natural homesteads, little and extensive are back to finish everything and regularly advantage neighborhood networks, arrive and particularly the general population who cultivate them “B.Wyland, Individual Correspondence, 1, Walk 2005”.

Natural Nourishmentssubstances

Natural nourishments are generally comprised of substance that fuelssubstancesbegins from farmers, and preparation plants that have been firmly confirmed to be natural (Burke 54). Government authorities as a rule state natural fuel to learn that they are fit for human use and guarantee that providers keep up the required natural models. Natural names assume a huge job in deciding and informing shoppers of the know-how know-ho substance accessible in nourishment that is all-natural naturally delivered. Nourishments that are named 100 percent natural for the most part contain all ingredients that are naturally developed aside from in situations where water and salt are included. What’s more, all natural nourishments that are named ‘Natural’ ordinarily contain somewhere around 95 percent natural fixings yet these bars contain additional fixings, for example, salt, water, and sulfites that go about as additives. Sulfites can subsequently not be a piece of natural sustenance since they tend to cause asthma and trigger hypersensitivities in a few people (Straub 90)presents. Item level that presentation natural nourishments ‘Made with Natural Fixings’ may contain roughly 70 percent of natural fixings except for situations where they include salt and water. Such natural order of sustenance must not be made of sulfites, and 30 percent of fixings must be created in a non-natural way (Straub 112). Nourishment items that have under 70 percent natural fixings must state, which of the segments utilized are natural, particularly if they cannot be completely affirmed as natural items. This study from Straub uncovers that kids who keep up natural eating routines have a leaning to have fewer pesticides in their bodies when contrasted with the individuals who feed on customary weight control plans. Promoters of natural sustenance mean to stay away from development hormones, and anti-infection agents that are utilized on homestead creatures. This is on account of these substances go from dairy items into our bodies when expended. Natural nourishments supporters likewise guarantee that natural sustenance is more nutritious in contrast with nourishment that aisisdeveloped utilizing regular strategies. There is no proof anyway to demonstrate that natural sustenance are more nutritious than non-natural nourishments. By and by, some natural deliver contain large amounts of vitamin C and proteins which add to a nutritious eating routine.

Poultry and Organic Names

With the large-scale manufacturing of nourishment, organizations like ConAgra Nourishment, the parent organization of Solid Decision, Tyson, or even Entire Nourishments, may arrangement to the development, treatment, and preparing preparation of food. Lately, there has been publicity on natural sustenance, privately developed nourishment, and sans GMO nourishments, yet what do these words mean? The greater part of these words on stickers are expected to offer clients overrated sustenance that is cultivated routinely. Natural nourishment has been professed to be more beneficial for individuals, even though infection grown throughknowthroughthrough now through know-how thouregrowthgh regrowth of the natural sustenance mark is misdirecting buyers into acquiring overrated nourishments, and powers agriculturists to utilize inconsistent cultivating methods. As a matter of fact, anti-infection agents have some reactions, their primary objective is to make domesticated animals more advantageous for people to expand. The expense of meat items would be significantly lower if “antimicrobials” were received all through all ranches and incubation centers. At the point when a creature is brought up in an overpopulated situation, it has a higher plausibility of getting diseases from different living beings on the earth. Most chickens are brought up in an exceedingly involved incubation center that does not supply enough region for the chicken to develop (“Reality behind “Altruistic” Marks”). On the off chance that a little chicken that has not been infused with anti-infection agents is harmed because of another chicken taking part in a battle or just by being ventured on by a bigger chicken, they are inclined to diseases and wounds. Chickens don’t have the best possible antibodies in their body to fend off the disease from damage, making it one of the main sources of their passingforbecauseif they don’t have the right condition or anti-toxins to recuperate legitimately. Most incubators are not ready to monitor every individual chicken, so in the event that one passes on underneath the rest, it will rot and begin to taint different chickens. When one chicken gets contaminated by the dead one, the whole incubation facility will start to be contaminated. The amount of injections that the companies inject chickens to grow bigger is extravagant. It allows periods quicker periods and a faster way to slaughter and much more affordable to wait check-in so that they can get more business. According to “Chicken Check”, they talk about how it is not a hoax and it is a routine for huge corporations to supersize (as they call it) the chicken. They mentioned “ Chickens today are bigger and grow faster! As the demand for chicken as a protein has increased, especially chicken parts like breasts or thighs versus whole birds, farmers have worked to create larger and healthier chickens to meet that demand.” Therefore to increase the profits by injecting these liquids into the chickens from becoming bigger ad to sell them to the consumers for a higher price. However, there is a con to this, the rise of salmonella and diseases that are mentioned previously. According to NCBI Pub Med,  they mentioned “ Two strains of Salmonella enteritidis phage type 4 isolated from chickens….Seroconversion following oral vaccination was not seen with the lower dose regimen and was low with the higher dose. Seroconversion following oral challenge was marked in unvaccinated birds but much lower in vaccinated birds, suggesting that oral vaccination had prevented invasion by the challenge strain.” The label of this format was “Vaccination of chickens with chicken-derived Salmonella enteritidis phage type 4 aroA live oral Salmonella vaccines.” There are specific researches that claim that salmonella can come from vaccinated and unvaccinated chickens regardless if it is injected orally or even through the body.


Whether or not you see it in grocery stores and farmers’ markets, the rise of the organic food industry is a multi-million dollar industry having over a billion dollars being consumers ordering the wholesale market. It is not good for organic foods to be consume nor be sold in the third part chain. The use of chemicals to the price of the industry buying for something cost you pennies even nothing. Consumers tend to look at organic food as something that is good for you and is a healthier option. It is way to hurt you and transition differently. It is a way of manipulation and getting ripped off by higher prices in the streets and grocery stores. It is not the name you should worry about, it is your health first.

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