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Your city remains nameless. It’s a grab violence and destruction around him, scarce resources of many in the trouble spots of the east and south of Europe, where militant groups want to impose their ideology. And yet the people “of the abyss on the edge of town” do not go in such a their everyday life differently after than we do.

The young Nadia example, leads a life that is completely ‘seems normal

know An evening course on Corporate Identity learns she Saeed. The employee of an advertising agency is still living with his parents, open-minded people who respect the commandments of their religion as her son. Nadia and he meet in cafes, hold a smartphone contact, but publicly they can not show their growing love. Moreover, Saeed wants to remain chaste until marriage.

But the location of the city is deteriorating. Extremists subjugate entire neighborhoods, arbitrariness reigns, explode bombs, people die between the fronts. Nadia takes Saeed caring offer to collect into his parents’ house, where they would be safer, and is lovingly recorded as “daughter” there. When the city finally almost completely passes into the hands of radical fundamentalists, more and more people to leave their homes, including Saeed and Nadia. You pay intermediaries to land on Mykonos, flee to London.

In the main part of his novel ” Exit West < " Mohsin Hamid:" Exit West "in"

this career tells Mohsin Hamid, born in Lahore (Pakistan) author, in a rather detached way. Nevertheless, his novel is upsetting. It performs just how many millions of people around the world very survival, flight and exile are the only purpose in life, when human rights are violated in her home with feet, brutalize the people themselves and each protest, all reason is slaughtered.

at the same time it provides the example of the British financial capital of the problem of the European response to the influx of migrants. They range from the (initially hyped)> welcome culture “through indifference and skepticism to pure hatred of everything foreign, who after demarcation, Wall, deportation and violence screams.

the fact that the phenomenon of resentment against foreigners a general human is, the author-everyday scenes miniature from around the world indicates by some who are suddenly pushed into the action continued. Whether in Sydney, Vienna and Tokyo, all loose spontaneous encounters with strangers once suspicion, fear or even suppressed aggression.

In the last of these insertions muses an old woman in Palo Alto about the changes in the neighborhood her parents’ house, where she spent her life.

For a long time she knew all the names of the area, “old Californian families”, but for a few years, the houses are sold in ever-increasing bills and bought, “as they bought shares and sold”, and more recently it is “surrounded by all possible strange people, people who seemed more at home here than themselves, even the homeless who did not speak English were, seemed alien as it “and it comes to a realization that may be to us readers the core message of the author:” we are all migrants in time.

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but what makes all this with the inner workings of those who have broken all the tents in their desolate homeland and are now disappointed by the state of their hope so bitter? Saeed and Nadia, the role models, set to not only the remorse to have left their relatives down. You must also re-orient in the free culture of the West. Both follow what was formerly their nature. Nadia joins a Häuserrat to improve the unbearable conditions in the camp. Saeed seeks halt in religion, in prayer, in a preacher. Their love they no longer find. What began as sensitively told story of a gentle love affair, questioned and good care, runs at the end of the plight of refugees.

The partly bulky writing style of the author defies emotional. The syntax reflects the many uncertainties of Saeed and Nadia’s existence. Impressions and thoughts, their alternatives, rejection and refutation flow in a single contradictory sentence structures together: “He rolled scary eyes Yes… Frightening Or maybe not scary thought he looked just to …” – “He was ready to die, even if he was not going to die, he had to stay ahead in life, and he had to do something big, as long as he lived. ” Advance references to an inevitable future perforate the present: “. Soon should the war the facade destroy their building entirely, as if he had turned the wheel of time; a single day the fighting would more tribute demand than a decade”

disconcerting the minimalized design of the escape route – know the content of a space, for we read nothing of exploitative traffickers rostzerfressenen soul sellers, nightly marches and what we like from the media. The author reduces the “Exit”, it sublimates the symbol of doors: “These days, it said, stepping through one of these doors was like dying and being born at the same time.” In concrete terms, means the passage of the rooms, where are gathered to escape Resolute, tested and passed, but described it as a kind of beaming, the magical crossing into another world ( “West”), to places like Mykonos or London. ‘

This form gives the novel an artificial, abstract nature, which can process the events narrated and fates intellectually without them get under your skin. It will be understood probably the optimism that Mohsin Hamid can germinate in the final third. Courageous people see no sense in fighting the other side, and you can find a common way of coexistence. Reason and humanity prevail again – in London. The rest is hope.

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Exit West Mohsin Hamid Review
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