Evolution of Cyber Security

In today’s world, cyber security is everywhere around us. Anything relating to technology has some sort of security on it from passwords on computers and facial id on the latest iPhone. Cyber security would have started when the network became popular, and everyone had one right? Wrong the world needed cyber security from the very beginning of the computer from when they took up an entire room know where people have a super computer in their pocket. During the early 1960s, when the computer and the network were first created, there was a focus on protecting the physical computer rather than the entire system.

In such a case, the password was born. The password was and still is, used to protect the first computer. It was a very early stage of protection.

What is cyber security? Cyber security is the practice of securing networks, systems, and digital devices from attacks. With attacks becoming more violent and demanding more money and wanting information from people, it is no wonder why hospitals, companies and government agencies want the best protection from these attacks.

The best way to defend against these attacks come from strong security and making sure that systems are up to date and that the security platform is the strongest for the right use. For example, you do not want to get a home cyber protection system for a multimillion company.

A successful cyber security program has layers of protection across computers and programs to protect people and the company.

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For the security system to work at its best all participants must keep the program up to date and maintain the life of the program and not take any risks with sketchy emails and links. Framework shows you how to identify an attack along with how you can prevent another one and how to respond to that internal threat. With technology connecting people this just higher the risk of hackers connecting with more and more people so if a company does not have a good protection plan that puts all of those employees at risk.

Types of attacks that can happen differ such as malware this usually get onto devices by clicking risky links or installing risky applications. Phishing, phishing appears in the form of a well-known source, but is disguised to access card card information and other personal information. Social engineering happens when the hacker manipulates a service like a cell phone company to gain access to more personal information. Finally, a Man in the Middle Attack where the hacker hides in a public Wi-Fi for example and before the user logs onto that Wi-Fi the hacker snatches information before the connection is made.

Along with the previously listed attacks, there are other ways that hackers can obtain information like Password cracking the best way to defend against password cracker id to not make a password but a pass phrase that swaps letters for numbers and symbols. Social Media Attacks disguise themselves as a friend request or a invitation to play a new game the best way to prevent this type of attack is to strengthen a password and not share information between people. This next type attack mostly targets business or business owners the type of attack is called Denial of Service this type of attack overloads a web page making it inaccessible for people to use.

In the 1970s, a computer researcher named Bob Thomas created a computer program that moved ARPANET. Bob called the plan the creeper because of the message it left behind ‘I’M THE CREEPER: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.’ Later, Ray Tomlinson, the creator of email, created a computer worm that chased after the creeper program and deleting it, creating the first antivirus.

During the 1980s, computers were becoming more connected and growing more advanced, but so were the viruses. During this period, the Russian government wanted the U.S secretes, and the Russian government hired a German hacker named Marcus Hess to hack U.S computers for the KGB. Marcus was successful with hacking over 400 military networks, including mainframes in the pentagon; luckily, before more damage could have been caused, he was caught. Later in 1988, there was the birth of the Morris worm named after its inventor Robert Morris. The worm’s purpose was to infiltrate computers and replicate slowing down the network and, in the end, making the computer obsolete and causing more untold damage. Robert Morris became the first person to be charged under the computer fraud and misuse act to prevent more programs like this one to be created.

In the 1990s, with the computer becoming more and more accessible to the public, more people have personal information online. With all of this information online organized crime and hackers saw this as a source of revenue. With security threats on the rise, there was a need for a security system that protects as many people as possible. A NASA researcher had developed this thing that nearly all computers user today called a firewall, and this firewall was created after there was a cyberattack at the California NASA base.

In the 2000s, and in the present time, hackers have gotten more and more severe sentence from the 1980s to now in the 80s the hackers would receive warnings to probation to now where hackers can get prison sentences and significant fines. With the computer and networks grow, so did the virus’s hackers can come up with advanced viruses that can target a single person or an entire country. Even though there are many ways to protect computers and the information that each device holds, some hackers find a way to find the smallest gap in the system, or it could be a human error that will just give away valuable information. For example, Edward Snowden, a former CIA agent, copied and leaked useful information from the NSA, stating that the government was spying on the public. In late 2013 in early 2014, Yahoo had a significant breach in security jeopardizing accounts of 3 billion users. Yahoo was fined for not releasing this information promptly, and Yahoo’s sales price dropped by $350 million as a result of this hacking.

As stated in the previous paragraph’s cyber security has come a long way from becoming a password, just protecting information but also added on security. Cyber security is still a significant part of today’s world no matter where the location, there will always be threats and hackers looking for information or an easy payday from the bank account of an average person or a lump sum of money from a larger company. Cyber security may seem like a luxury to some, but it should never be taken for granted. There have been significant hacks against some of the largest companies to this day; for example, Facebook, one of the if not the largest social media site, had over 540 million users’ information exposed. The First American Corporation had 885 million records exposed, including bank account information social security numbers and mortgage papers. These attacks are just some of the largest that the people haven while some won’t be displayed on the nightly news, people must remember that this could happen to anyone, and it is a terrifying thing if someone does get hacked.

Cyber security is an essential aspect of daily like because we have developed super computers that fit in pockets, and hackers have found ways to sit at a coffee shop and gain access to every computer and cell phone in that café. In this era, simple firewalls and viruses are over. The only thing that has happened is that they have become more and more advanced. Cyber attacks can occur from any level from hacking your social media and posting something explicit to hacking a bank account and depleting funds. The fact is that this generation is more reliant on technology more than ever, and there is no trend depending on technology slowing down. Knowing that technology will still be advancing, and that hackers and viruses will be advancing right along with it, the most important thing is that there is protection for everyone.

Cyber attacks doesn’t only target a specific person, but they can target companies’ suppliers and customers. That trail can lead to not only that business shutting down, but that hacker will be able to gain access to all the customer’s information the supplier’s information along with all the suppliers’ employees. For this reason, businesses no matter if it is a large corporation like Google or a small business owner that has to deal with technology, those people should get the best of the best security not for their sake but for what could happen to everyone if that information gets leaked. To make sure that for businesses don’t quickly get information hacked, they should consider having a team dedicated to making sure that cybersecurity for the store employees and customers are up to date and that everyone has the best protection as possible.

There are many ways that Malware can get to your system watch emails from sources that you don’t recognize and do not click on links that appear in your junk email that is one easy way for Malware to get onto your device and the device will now have corruption on it. Watch out for fake sites that can lure you in by saying that the website has detected a problem with the computer most times. That is how the issue on the computer starts. Another easy way to protect information is to install backed up and recommended anti Malware software that will stop any problems before they even begin. Finally, don’t give out personal information with people who call you saying that they are from a bank or other known company call the company and see if the caller seems to be with the company or is he’s a scammer looking for a quick buck. Cyber security covers any device that may need it from a cellphone, laptop computer, and even transportation is a good measure that software is up to date on all technological devices and that they have the best protection possible from scammers and hackers.

To protect devices on the go, having an Antivirus browser on a device will prevent pop up ads and potential malware sources along with spam blocking capabilities. More advanced ways of mobile protection include two step verification and using protected browsers. For securing Wi-Fi in a public place, the best way to defend against Man in the Middle attacks is to use a vpn this is one of the most secure ways to stop the man in the middle attacks.

Where is cyber security going? Just as computers and other means of technology are evolving so are threats. After a major cyber security threat in Australia the cyber security program increased by 19,000 people. This jump happened because the government saw that there was a need for cyber security programmers or just plain IT people that knew their way around a computer. These people saw that there was a career option and took it not just for the sake of a paycheck, but that IT consultant could discover the next way to improve security not just for the people in his country but for people all around the world.

The big question now is how is there an overall way to protect myself from these attacks? The major way we can protect ourselves against these attacks and hackers is to learn about these said attacks and to see what type of destruction they can cause. Install reliable security program look through the program look at reviews go to websites find out everything about the security program and see if it is the best for the usage at need. Set up auto updates so that the program is always up to date and that the hacker dose not see and old sluggish system ready to be exploited. Change passwords to make sure that hackers cannot go through a list of known passwords in the past and narrow it down to one. Diverse passwords and previously passwords should not be changed by one or two characters, but the entire password should be changed.

In conclusion cyber security is a major part of the world, making sure people from many countries stay connected. Cyber security is a vital part of life to make sure that privacy is kept, and that people do not have to worry about identity thefts and hackers looking to ruin lives. In the end it is always better to be prepared before something bad happens. Now go out and check everything make sure you are prepared for the worse and ember the tips and tricks that have been highlighted in this paper.

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