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Topics: Deforestation

The loss of biodiversity is a serious problem around the world. Things like habitat loss, water pollution, and degradation. Contribute to the loss of biodiversity, “Governments agreed on many actions to accelerate implementation of global biodiversity targets, and enhance the linkage of the biodiversity agenda with other global agendas including the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement and others.” ( “An increasing population and global trade have put unsustainable pressure on renewable natural resources, such as bushmeat, fuel wood or arable land, which is increasing long-term poverty and leads to biodiversity loss.


Illegal animal trade of endangered animals has a major impact on biodiversity, but also represents a real danger to security and development for many African countries. “1.8 million species have been described out of an estimated 5 million to 30 million in existence”

Colombia is working with other countries, in Western world. Columbia is a part of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas. In 2008, Colombia and the United States decided to sign a agreement of understanding (MOU) to have stricter, clean energy policies.

Columbia signed this because we want to deal with climate change. Some of the most dangerous threats to Colombia’s ecosystems is the gangs and groups trading international drugs. Columbia and Brazil had a meeting and they are both countries that are trying to stop the drug trafficking for many reasons one being the health of our ecosystem. The drug cartels are dumping waste and chemicals into our environment, which is harming natural habitats.

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Columbia is the second biggest biodiverse country in the world. One of Colombia biggest environmental problems are erosion of soil. Columbia also struggles with deforestation and preservation of their environment. “Soil erosion has happened because of loss of vegetation and heavy rainfall.”(nationsencyclopedia.) Another reason causing erosion of soil is overuse of pesticides. Deforestation has resulted from developers building their factories on natural habitats. “In Columbia 2,244,000 acres of natural forest was lost in 1970 due to farming.” (nationsencyclopedia.) Our ecosystem is suffering. Animals are going extinct more hundred times faster today than the average normal rate. The animals lost in just the past 100 years should have needed up to 11,400 years to be lost, if there was no human activity(4). “Development for housing, industry, and agriculture reduces the habitat of native organisms”(National geographic) Something that is going on in columbia and most of South America is In the Amazon rainforest developers are clearing the forests by cutting down and removing the trees and natural habitat. By doing these actions developers are taking away habitats for our Animals and causing some to go extinct. Some animals that have gone extinct because of humans are, African Black Rhinoceros, the Pyrenean Ibex, the dodo bird and so many more. This is a real problem that is going in our world and we should really find a solution.

The Republic of Columbia believes we should find a solution. They believe we should pay more attention to our environment and invest to protect our environment. “By 2020 Columbia hops to reach a net deforestation rate of zero. With new seedlings replacing trees that get cut down. By 2030 Columbia hopes to cut its carbon emissions to 20 percent. “Whether it meets these goals will depend on how rural areas are developed, managed, and conserved.”The Republic of Columbia is struggling with protecting biodiversity because, we have developers building their factories and their homes in natural habitat. By doing that, they are chopping down trees and destroying Columbia’s natural habitat. Columbia believes that there should be change and wants to help with this issue.

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