Essay on “Girl, Interrupted”

The following sample essay on “Girl, Interrupted”. His amateur record of the read start with the fact that the abstract of this book led me to a complete fallacy. Somehow, taking as a basis the views already read the work of people, it seemed to me that the product will be entirely devoted to psychiatry. That it will be a kind of artistic vision, drawing a clear parallel between madness and sanity. But, alas, my expectations were met only by a third – Susanna Kaysen presented to us only an artistic look.

Although, maybe it’s for the best. Sometimes it is better not to take up topics that are not able to develop fully.

If you speak directly about the work, it stated “parallel universe” here serves as a certain background that adds emotion written. No, of course, there are also thoughts and actions, and diagnoses of patients a single psychiatric hospital, but the basis – it is the main character and its attempts to continue living, even in a place where there is no life at all.

And for those sensual descriptions of experiences is a big plus and thanks to the author. But, to my regret, this advantages of this work come to an end. Further, I note two significant disadvantages, which prevented me to fully enjoy this book. The first – is incoherent language. I did not have the narrative logic. And the second – the lack of disclosure of the chosen topic in its entirety. We see characters with obvious mental disorders, but the emphasis is the author went to the emotions experienced by the characters, rather than the causes of most of these emotions.

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Perhaps that is why this work can be estimated at three points out of five.

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