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Romanticism is one of the most important historical events of all time. Unlike a lot of what gets called ‘history’ romanticism isn’t a war or a piece of technology or political event. (school of life.com). It refers to the birth of new set of ideas; it’s about a mindset and way of feeling. This essay will provide an analysis of the most effective phrases found in the nutting, I will also show how these are relevant to us today, this poem has two elements such as nature and human psyche.


In William Wordsworth’s nutting, in the first stanza the theme is nature ,William Wordsworth is carrying a ‘huge wallet’ or a bag and a ‘nutting-crook’ this is an implement used to harvest hazelnuts .William recalls how he chose to go about the farm from home to a ‘distant woods’ while he walks ,he also imagine his very own appearance as being ‘quaint’ and interesting.

William Wordsworth is covered in a “disguise of cost-off weeds”. ”it seems a day” this suggest that William Wordsworth was reflecting and remembering the past events and remembering a day he shall not forget as he leaves his cottage and headed to the woods, this is relevant to us today because till today there are events in which took place in the past and yet they are not forgotten ,they are remembered such as Apartheid where blacks lost their land but today blacks are fighting to get back the land.

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William Wordsworth was found moving ‘o’er the pathless rocks searching for his treasure. The “dear nook unvisited” keep a sense of purity and magic in the surroundings and William Wordsworth enjoy the natural setting of nature and more animalistic desires. “but the hazels rose tall and erect, with milk-white clusters hung. A virgin scene!.” the sexual imagery is strong in this passage maybe Wordsworth is presenting a desire of man to quell the land and its vulnerability personified here. One of the themes in the poem is The idealization of childhood “in the eagerness of boyish hope” William Wordsword enjoy the beauty of the scene and eat the nuts until his young mind had enough, this clearly depict that William enjoy and missed his childhood .this is relevant today because some of us still enjoy childhood memories and sometimes think about them often and wish to go back to that stress free life.(www.schoooloflife/video)

William Wordsword in line 19-27 expresses pure joy that he feels as he sits “amongst flowers” .this suggest approximate desire or more convenient ‘sexual appetite’ to destroy the flawless scenery that is presented. “as joy delights in” this shows that William was happy to be surrounded by the beauty of nature and the flowers were blossoming and they were full of life.

“I felt a sense of pain I beheld the silent trees and the intruding sky” the feeling results in the boy jumping and tearing hazel-nuts off from the branches ,when he is finished the ‘silent trees’ and the intruding sky evoke a terrible sense of guilt at the destruction caused, the pace of the poem changes “then I rose” and the syntax changes from the previously relaxed used of iambic pentameter which could signify the natural impulses of William.(www.school of life)

William has indulged in the power of his own hands and turn from the “mutilated bower” he so recently loved. He feels full of his own strength, but also pained at what he has done, William has, in quick succession, felt joy beyond measure and uncontrollable anger. William’s emotion and his ability to act on them ,give him “wealth”. (William Wordsworth)

In conclusion William feel much remorse for what he had done and the fact that he must leave this place. He looks at the “silent trees” and the now ‘intruding sky’. It “intrudes” due to the fact that he pulled down so many of the branches previously it was kept at the bay by the “bower”.

William moved peacefully for the rest of his walk. He touched everything around him “with gentle hand” and did his best to appreciate the power that is inherent in the forest. William stated in the last line that there is a “spirit in the woods” this can be reference to his own presence and generalize power of nature that drove him to peace and rage. The reference to “dearest maiden” has great significance, as the reader can understand that the poem was not only a personal memory but a parable with these last lines acting as the moral of the story.(William Wordsworth)

William in this poem expresses his emotions with regards to nature and also widens the reader’s sympathies, to create a deeper ethical awareness about nature, bring people closer to nature and help them understand the importance of conserving nature and exploring the beauty of nature , and the memories of childhood and bringing an end to the conflict between man and nature.

The use of different ideas and phrases in this poem helped to paint a clear picture of what happened and to understand a poem furthermore in detail.


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