Eleanor Roosevelt as One of the Most Revered First Ladies in History

Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most admired first ladies ever. Her intelligence, friendliness, warmth, humanity, and charm, were just a few words that describe the person that she was. Throughout Eleanor Roosevelts life she graced the world with a presence that many people looked towards for friendship or just advice. Eleanor Roosevelt is someone that in my eyes is a hero. For the period in time, which she lived being a woman and gaining the respect of both males and females of all races, is what makes her one of the most heroic women of the twentieth century.

Throughout Eleanors life there were many obstacles that she had to over come. At a young age Eleanor was surrounded by drunks, alcoholism ran in her family. When Eleanors mother died her father was placed in an asylum because of his alcoholism. Eleanors father was deemed unworthy to parent. Eleanor was sent to live with her very strict Grandmother.

For many years Eleanor wanted her father to come and take her to live.

She would sit on the stairs in her grandmothers home and wait crying for her father to come take her. Even though Eleanors grandmother was very strict she gave her the love and the family atmosphere that she needed. Many years later her father died and she was left alone with only uncles and her grandmother. In 1899 at the age of 15 her uncles out of control drunkenness scared Eleanors grandmother of Eleanors safety. She sent Eleanor away to a boarding school in England.

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In 1902 she returned to New York at the age of 18. She was ready to come out in the world and find a husband.

Eleanor was not very good at small talk, so when men started courting her she would be very shy and timid. When Franklin a distant cousin started courting her they fell in love and were married. Franklins mother Anna was very controlling. Since Franklin was her only child she didnt want him leaving her for another woman. She controlled their entire marriage. On Eleanor and Franklins honeymoon Eleanor wrote to her mother in law every day, trying to gain her respect. Anna insisted on Eleanor giving up her social work because she thought that it was affecting her social status. Eleanor reluctantly gave it up.

When the birth of Eleanors first child Anna and soon after James Eleanor was unsure of her mothering skills. It is said that she would tie their thumbs down so they couldnt suck their thumbs and also she would place the cradles in the window so that the baby could get fresh air. The children also knew that whatever they couldnt get from their mother they could get from their grandmother. With the birth of their third son Franklin Jr. he seemed to be very delicate. He died at 7 months. Eleanor went into a depression because she thought any thing that went wrong in the house was her fault. Eleanor would blame herself for the rest of her life.

Franklin and Eleanor moved to Washington where they hired a social secretary named Lucy. Later Eleanor found out that Lucy and Franklin were having an affair. She offered Franklin a divorce but Franklin promised Eleanor after talking to his mother that he would never see Lucy again. Franklin figured that by being divorced he would never be able to become president. Franklin and Eleanors marriage would never be the same. Later Franklin was diagnosed with polo a disease that crippled him. Eleanor did everything that she could possibly do to make him comfortable. Franklin decided that he would go on with his goal of becoming president. Eleanor backed him 100 percent.

Eleanor had a lot of conflict and hurt in her life that she over came. I believe that each obstacle made her stronger. Eleanor had many accomplishments in her life as well. One accomplishment of course was being one of the most admirable first ladies in our history. Eleanor at a young age was involved very much in social work with the poor. Everyday she would go to the Slums and help immigrants feel more comfortable in the United States. She taught dance, and her work was the highlight of her week.

Throughout Eleanors life she was always very active in womens politics. She was a member of many political clubs that helped women be more active. There was one club that Eleanor was a member of where an African American singer was denied the privilege to sing Eleanor immediately resigned. Being the presidents wife at the time she set up at the capital a place where Anderson the African American could sing. By doing this she gained the respect of many African Americans in the United States.

When Eleanor went to boarding school the other girls there loved and respected her more then any of the other girls. Eleanor was so intelligent and mysterious she also gained the love of her teacher. Several girls in the school came to her for advise, and she made a lot of them feel more comfortable and at home. Many people sitting back and learning of Eleanors numerous accomplishments, gained her the privilege to be respected so widely.

Even today we learn about Eleanor Roosevelt in school and she is still admired for everything she was admired for then. Many people admire her for the social work that she did. Some admire her for being such an impressive speaker, and others admire her for things like her family, wealth, or social class. I admire her for everything. Eleanor Roosevelt is someone that lived her life to the fullest. She accomplished many things that some couldnt achieve in three or four lifetimes. She over came many obstacles that made her stronger. She broke the barriers between race and sex. She is truly one of the most heroic women of the nineteenth century.

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