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Essay Examples on Eleanor of Aquitaine Essay

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1st Essay Sample on Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most influential women in the history of Europe, having been a queen to rulers of both France and England, along with having significant political and economic power in her own right. She served as an example to all women, during a period where there was increasing development in the female’s role in society. Eleanor was a patron of the arts, and she was also a powerful personality, influencing the politics of the day with the help of her sons, and maintaining a certain degree of control over the monarchy even after her marriage to Henry had ended. Eleanor was born in 1122 to Duke William X of Aquitaine. The holdings of her father were equal to those of the French royalty, making him one of the most influential and important men in the region.

She inherited her father’s wealth and influence upon his death, and later that year was wed to Louis VII of France. He became King of France a month later, and as his queen, she proved to be a talented advisor. Eleanor accompanied him during the Second Crusade, organizing his policy and advising his political choices. It was during the Crusades that their marriage ended, and despite having produced two daughters, it was annulled by Louis in 1152. His reasoning was that of Blood relationship, but the reality was of course that of jealousy and suspicion.

Eleanor was rumored to be having an intimate affair with a cousin, but whether that was true or not is unknown. What is known is that soon after the end of her marriage to Louis of France, Eleanor became independently wealthy and powerful again. Several months later she married Henry II of England, positioning herself into an even greater position of power in Europe. When Henry was crowned King Of England in 1154, Eleanor became the ruler of England, Normandy and thanks to Henry’s holdings and holdings of her own, much of France.

2nd Essay Sample on Eleanor of Aquitaine

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Eleanor of Aquitaine’s life spans most of the 12th century, which was when the Middle Ages were at their pinnacle.During this time kings were too weak to defend their kingdoms and their people sought refuge and protection from a strong leader.This brought about the feudal system and affected Eleanor by the fact that her father was a duke of an extremely powerful and immense fiefdom that was called Aquitaine in France.After her father’s death, Eleanor inherited Aquitaine and became one of the most significant leaders that were involved in all the great events of her era.She was also a key figure in endless quarrels between the French and English kings and was arguably the most powerful women of High Medieval Europe.Although her outspoken nature made enemies among conservatives, her beliefs were far ahead of her time and won much respect for women.Eleanor of Aquitaine was an incredibly influential character in the Middle Ages by controlling much political power through her husbands, impacting and enlarging the menial roles of women in society, and introducing troubadour music to the whole of France.Eleanor of Aquitaine lived between 1122 and 1204, which was during the very peak of the Middle Ages.Her father William X, a duke, was also a patron of the troubadours and storytellers.Eleanor grew up with a lifelong love of music and literature, which was credited in whole to William, who not only introduced Eleanor to music and literature, but carefully educated and created an excellent student of her.Although most men in society thought education for women was not important or beneficial, William found education very significant to both sexes and was proud that Eleanor liked to learn and quickly picked up her studies.William’s travels through Aquitaine were always accompanied by Eleanor to prepare her for her future role as duchess.

Essay Examples on Eleanor of Aquitaine

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