"Easy victim" by Roger Smith

The Lanes have good reason to worry about their safety. Cape Town is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and the wealth of the white family awakens desires. Of course, they do not live near the townships , but in Newlands, an exclusive suburb on the southern slopes of Table Mountain. Walls and Hitech installations around the noble estate will keep criminals, a private security service is permanent deterrent presence.

But far heinous than the danger threatening from outside, is the evil that already resides inside , Christopher, the eighteen year old son of the house privileged and sheltered grew up coddled by his mother, not a wall needs to overcome in order to kill a young woman in this hot Christmas.

Your piercing death cry tears parents from their lustful togetherness. When they open the door to the pool house, offering them a horror scenario.

On the body of the woman sitting, Chris threshing with a ten-pound dumbbell one at her head.

Her face just lying around dental bone chips and testify “a mushy mass of …” – the rest is unsavory save you here. Anyone who has read a thriller by Roger Smith knows that it expects the same in the first pages a bloody carnage and more will follow. But what a surprise: it must be acknowledged little later that this author can write quite different. Not that his latest thriller without violence scenes gets along, but he is pleasantly less brutal and yet does not dig the reader less.

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For the family Lane is a living web of insincerity and cold intrigue. Before Father Michael informed the police that alerte mother Beverly has already constructed a perfect of lies in order to preserve their beloved Chris front of the prison. Coincidentally, namely that night also Lynnie, the son of black domestic workers Denise, in the house. He needed some money for drugs, and has to his mother to illustrate the urgency especially, can speak his fists. Because it makes sense but to shove him to the murder in the shoes, like so: Lynnie had appeared in the pool house, Chris had taken to task, beaten him unconscious with the dumbbell, and when Chris woke up, the parents had been in the room and the girl was lying dead prostrate on the ground …

Beverly’s project is even more infamous than Lynnie and a year older sister grew up in the home of Louise Lanes his, along with Chris. Above all, Michael took care intensely about the two fatherless children colored by Denise. Their life paths drifted apart soon. While Louise, “scary smart” unswervingly losmarschierte on their English studies at the University of Cape Town and is still living with her mother in the servants’ cottage, Lynnie has dropped out of school, one day is cut down and fall off the rails. His new friends from the Cape Flats course were his models. Now they are all addicted to drugs and stand on crystal meth ( “Tik”).

Chris, a burly “boor”, was the same age companions Lynnie, thin and shy, always superior. Once Lynnie almost drowned when Chris threw him in the pool and pushed under water until he nearly suffocated. Today Chris is a successful rugby player, a bulky, broad-shouldered muscular package of 90 kg, toned and pumped up with a lot of steroids. So a wardrobe to have been “surprised” by a stripling as Lynnie, a “Linnet” subscribed from addiction “weakling”?

Not only Louise can not put on their return from the university, what happened in the house Lane – and that her brother is to be a murderer, she can not believe more than ever. Also Detective Gwen Perils homicide, the mother Beverly’s “sanitized version of the truth” takes, is not convinced by the idea that offered her team of investigators, the Lanes. Nevertheless Lynnie is arrested quickly processed his “publicityträchtiger case” and passed sentence: “guilty”; 25 years in prison without parole. Louise is powerless. You can not bring her brother; even a deposit was declined.

This seems to Lanes everything is the way in the bag. Her former protege Lynnie, now only the “little Tik addicts” who nevertheless was already “already finished” have, they can “put to the sword easily” so that her son not be responsible for his inhuman act to shoulder needs. A special cleaning company has eliminated all physical traces in the pool house. From now on Beverly’s order applies: “We will never talk about it again, Michael, do you understand me?”

But as simple as not push the truth. The bad conscience gnawing at Michael, and he sees himself as “pathetic weakling.” His wife he does not love a long time, and also the connections with Chris, he has already lost years ago. he wants to with decency can see the face at least Louise.

Before Michael fears that one day will “fly up everything since he committed a hit and run after a fatal accident, Beverly has him firmly in hand: he struggles with himself and knows that he is left no choice. “Lyndall an exculpatory” provide alibi “or her unpredictable son,” the ticking bomb “, once again someone beat up, become a reality, the problem will speak by itself. Lynnie is not transferred until the normal law enforcement. Already in the cellblock for remand prisoners to kill him, namely brutally – the unsavory details are saves you here …

So the plot is not completely betrayed. Roger Smith’s novel puts on here really begins. Regularly changing perspective (Louise / Michael) factual language very calmly told how things in equal measure its course is in precise, take, until they culminate in a completely unexpected action at an unbelievable, breathtaking showdown.

First, Louise is devastated. was sentenced innocent that her brother and then murdered in the most brutal way, you robbed any will to live. Most are you doing to create that Michael, her estimated surrogate father and the only decent character in the family Lane, the truth still retains always. Then she meets for the first time in the life of her biological father Achmat (a felon from the worst slums) and hears his strategy: “Law is law, and the law is all we have Let him suffer let him live and kill what he loves the [email protected]/

As Louise Michael, has tragically finally there where you want it – in the.” hell “- they meet each other for the first time on an equal footing. “She finally his full attention,” is the final sentence of this fascinating thriller. Each of the perpetrators of the three federal physically in the course of action to a wounded, Chris and mentally at the same time. At the end of the novel, all three have lost what they meant something in life. Of perpetrators were victims., Have translated

Roger Smith’s novel “Sacrifices” the Klaus Timmermann and Ulrike Wasel, plays years after the end of apartheid. But the division between blacks and whites is little further reduced, as the example of Louise. Thanks to Michael’s promotion it has an advancement opportunity. She passed her Afrikaans, hoping the dreary colored milieu left behind and may as an academic to a well-paid job. But never will be accepted by the white elite as equals. None are the limitations of unbridled violence, and good and evil do not differ according to skin color.

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"Easy victim" by Roger Smith
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