Dreadful Acts of Vampires

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Growing up, I have come to understand a lot of things that happen around human which the mind can never comprehend unless one goes deeper into it with the aim and intention of finding a lasting meaning or solution to it. I came across the word Vampires when I was in primary school and since then I have desired to know exactly what vampires are. The quest to uncover this was boosted when I watched a filmed episode on vampire diaries.

In the episode, I found out that the vampires were so evil to the extent that the kill and drink people’s blood. Upon seeing this, my quest for knowing what exactly what vampires are was ignited and as a result, this essay seeks to answer the question I have always been asking myself. The research question that this essay seeks to answer is what vampires are and the significance of blood associated with them.

Vampires according to Bram Stoker (1897).

as cited by Barber, P.(1988), are mythical beings with evil and dreadful intention roaming about mostly in the night and looking for the blood of human beings to suck. It is believed that vampires are dangerous and whenever they feed and kill humans, the dead body right away turns into a vampire as well. Vampires are always seen with two or three sharp teeth which they always use to tear the human body before sucking the blood. To him, the only means we can identify vampires grave is to allow a virgin ride on a horse towards the graveside, upon seeing vampires grave, the horse will make noise which depicts that particular grave as that of a vampire.

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Immediately the vampire comes into contact with little blood, it is energized to come back and terrorized the people. According to Anato (2015), the British Romantics sees vampires as mystery characters that are rebellion when it comes to social order. They see vampires as wicked beings whose main objective is to kill and suck blood. This also shows they take pleasure in people’s pain.

According to Lawson, John Cuthbert (1973), vampires are beings who contracted the porphyria disease which is a disease that leads to people behaving irrationally, having fear when they see light, and having a desire to drink blood. With this assertion, she believes that the connection explains why vampires drink only blood and not eat any other food. She again opined that someone who contracts porphyria can be healed by getting a cup of cow’s blood which after drinking will help to restrain him or her from attacking people. Similarly, Vermeir, K. (2012), holds the view that people who contracted the porphyria disease are responsible for the increase of vampires and as such has given them the power to feed on blood just because it was the same blood that brought them back from dead.

Again, according to Bram Stoker (1897) as cited by Barber, P.(1988), blood serves as a symbol of energy. Blood in the novel represents an essential element that helps human and vampires’ existence. Which means without blood, the human body cannot function to the extent that the human will cease to exist.

Over the years we have seen many famous vampire movies and series which includes vampire diaries which show us how vampires use their blood as medication and iron supplement. After watching vampires diaries, Gothic series, I can clearly say without blood vampires cannot survive. In vampires Diaries season 1 episode 1 entitled, “Pilot” which was written by Lisa Jane Smith in the year 2009, there were these two brothers born original vampires who returned to their original town mystic Virginia, Stefan with a good heart decided not to feed on human but rather on animals blood to keep him from killing innocent people. After some month he became very weak and powerless while his brother Damon the selfish and dangerous feeds on human blood became strong and powerful. From this episode, I can boldly say blood is their power to live and at the last part they were been captured. This series likewise today’s modern day which vampire is considered as the most notorious and iconic figure all over the world with films being produced.

Going back to my childhood in Africa, we have a strong belief that vampires exist. Ghana to be precise Kumasi believes “Obayifo” is someone who is humanlike that appears at night to suck people’s blood which is also used to create fear to people who misbehave and also anything bad that happens to the family are said to be that. This goes from generation to another generation and it is also used to warn children not to disrespect their parents or else “Obayifo” will come for them and they will never return. It is sometimes used on both children and adults when a chief dies to place a curfew on the community at night. We believe “Obayifo” needs People to live with so at night when they appear, that is when they need new people to come live with. I will say I am happy to share my gothic scene in my country. I also watched a movie in my native language which I quite do not remember the title but the scene rings a bell in my mind. It was about high school children who went for an excursion without telling neither their teachers or parents but went in search of vampires. Unfortunately, they were all bitten by vampires which cause their death.

In conclusion, to some people, Vampires do not exist because scientists have not vividly come out with a piece of evidence to prove their existence and to others who are more superstitious, since all they, think about and see are shrouded in secrecy and spiritualism, they believe that anything is possible and as such the existence of vampire is real. Again, In my research, I found out that vampires dislike holy water and that when pouring on them they get burnt and also Vampires cannot be killed or get rid of but when a stake is placed on the heart they can be captured but when they come in contact with blood they exist. From the research made, I learnt a lot of things about Vampires which I found it interesting and will like to know more about their history, their origin and everything related to vampires.


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