Drafting for e portfolio


Drafting for e-portfolio

Procrastination and Time management: Planning and prioritising


This page will reflect on Procrastination and time management skills. The portfolio will also discuss various techniques I used to learn to achieve my goals. The portfolio will explore different ways of how I manage my time, the strength and weakness of planning my time and how it can be improving. The portfolio page reflects on my developed flexibility comprising my improved use of my intellectual review and peer assistance and approaches to develop my effectiveness of time.

Rationale use students as examples and reference to backup Managing my time is something that I strived when I was on my Access Course in my previous college which led to attaining low grades because of the struggle of planning and managing my time effectively. As a student managing your time is difficult at times to get especially when on a part-time job as well. With my previous experience, I have learned that time management is a key to be effective and successful in university.

Having well organised personal time table and a diary has been helpful for me to keep track of assignment and everything. I have noticed that without a time table or a diary it is easy to be unfocused and not get work or task done on time which is the primary reason I struggled previously.

Evidence 1

As a student, planning of time and comprising of social life and simultaneously meeting of deadlines can be challenging. This problem can be resolved by developing good time planning techniques that will improve my knowledge to emphasis on my studies and submitting my assignment on time by meeting deadline dates.

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In my previous college I comprehended that the more time I engaged in a subject or assignment, reading and practising more online multiple questions about a subject, the more likely I do well on that exam or assignment. As a student I used two-time tables and I came out with the one that work for me. I came out with my analysis and assessment and analysed that, the worksheet was more productive and effective than the current use of my study time table in a typical week. I learn a lot in lectures and seminars, so on the graph worksheet, I spent more time in lectures and seminars and less time on some activities.

The above worksheet on skills4studycampus helped me keep track of how to use my time effectively and the expectation of how I spent my time while the below typical week time table did not work effectively for me.

Weekly planner

Day Morning Afternoon Evening

Monday Reading Anatomy and physiology book for the next lecture Research on the humanising and dehumanising in exploring adult nursing. Do assignment on Personal and Professional Development to be submitted.

Tuesday University University Read and go over what I learnt on the particular day.

Wednesday Research about human anatomy and physiology. Draft information to be putting it on to word. Read over the written assignment if all the information written makes sense.

Thursday University University Friday Assignment on exploring adult nursing and direct independent study on Brightspace Review my assignment and put it into writing.

Saturday Football Football Sunday Go over what I have learnt over the week.

I found out that my technique of learning is I best study at night when its all quiet and more clearly first thing in the morning. I avoid times when I am distracted and choose time when I am most alert mentally and able to remain focused. I work better in shorter study sessions separated by breaks as this help me to stay focused for information while too many breaks can also disturb my concentration making it complicated to refocus on the task or assignment.

Students have different learning styles, techniques and ways they learn and study. As a visual and physical learner, I prefer using pictures, images as my technique way of learning while different student may find social learning easier by learning in groups or with others. Another best way I study is by making notes during seminars, borrowing book from the library and making sure I attend all my lectures and seminars to overcome obstacles. This could be done by switching off my mobile phone in seminars, blocking applications on my phone to avoid distraction and by avoiding procrastination of work.

Consequently, I keep on track with assignments and task using diary as my method of evaluation and reflection strategy. These include exam dates, specific study task, work placements, and deadlines for handing in assignments on time, times and location of each lectures and appointment. This help me make a list so that I will know exact building and the lecturer I will be having on that day,


14 Monday Activity

To do today



Budden Fiona Elimination and catherisation


Read Mary stewart Story about Mary Stewart


Read urinal system Review what a learnt


Lunch break Lunch break


Travel to Accomodation 3-5pm

Meet friends/football Food shopping


Exploring adult nursing 6.30-8.30pm

Internet research on a task 8.30-9pm

Listen to music 9pm-11pm

Draft of PDD portfolio


Define time management

Research about time management and procrastination evidence and aprroachs to pdd

Include references

Search for grades and feedbacks link to ppd assignment (quality feedback is vital to students learning and helps to develop critical thinking )

I can infer that I supervise my time well by developing my time management skills from previous institution. The planning and prioritising evaluative processes has helped me get to my targets. After I eat lunch with my friends, I go to the library and get some assignments done. Instead of wasting time and not do anything, I manage my time by taking advantage of the free time that I have by completing assignments. Also, when I get home I automatically start on my homework so that I will not have to worry about them. I was able to get assignments done at the same time had enough time left to exercise, hang out with my friends and be on my phone.

Highlight all key dates such as deadlines so that they stand out from other activities in your planner.

If you use a phone calendar, set alerts to remind you about appointments the following day. Enter key milestones for assignments you are working on and set your phone to remind you several days before each milestone

It can be helpful to talk with other students about how they manage their time. They may have some strategies and ideas you’d like to try for yourself.

diary to help you prioritise your tasks and record your progress as you work through them. Order the items on your list by priority and group them by what makes sense to tackle together. Refer to your diary to schedule a time when you will do these tasks and cross each item off when complete.

uses drawing, visualisation and active listening with students to explore and extend their understanding of what critical reflection is all about. Mind maps and reflective techniques help develop students’ views of their progress beyond a ‘what went well, what went badly and what will I do in the future’ approach.

Students can keep their own diary, write in their own language if need be, and extract or rewrite


I have actually changed the way I approach assignment writing tasks by making more effective use of tutorial support and studying the feedback offered. These developmental experiences have also helped me to become a more resilient and self motivated learner as I prepare for my second undergraduate year

Peer review

The process of peer reviewing is always very helpful to a writer. Getting another person’s perspective on your work helps you to better form the overall sound and flow of your paper. Since these peer reviewers have also taken part in the same project, it’s neat to hear their point of view and then give them mine. Both sides benefit from this process. From doing peer reviews over this semester, I think it has helped me to become a better writer

Having a different set of eyes give you their opinion really helps to polish up the paper

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