Domestic Violence Is More Common Among Adolescents And Adults

Every day around the world every 9 seconds, a woman is beaten and assaulted by her significant other(Dryden-Edwards, Roxanne). Nearly half of the murders in America are women who are murdered by intimate partner violence. Domestic violence has tended to be more and more common among adolescents and adults. Although, domestic violence situations vary the form is the same across the board. Domestic abuse is believed to happen within any race, religion or social status. Women are usually the victims in 95% of these cases, but we do see a few men sometimes as well.

There’s a variety of reasons why people become abusers themselves, poverty, lack of education, witnessing family violence growing up or substance abuse just to name a few. Since women tend to be more exposed to is this type of maltreatment. It can become a burden in a women’s lifespan in which some women have to initially leave the relationship before it gets worst. “Between 25% to 50% of families tend to become homeless as a result.

There is nearly $6 billion in health care cost and loss of work per year due to domestic violence (California Domestic Violence Statistics: Get the Facts).” Victims have said to experience a tough time raising their children as a result of a loss of work This can also disruption a child’s life. One of the major causes of domestic violence can be stress. It can start with being unemployed, using drugs, drinking alcohol or even having financial problems. In a handful of cases, the abuser sometimes has been abused as a child.

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Various factors can cause domestic violence, but there is no specific reason.

When violence happens there area unit differing types of abuse that may occur. The most common type of abuse is Physical violence, in which a person can intentionally physical injury a person. Emotional /Psychological abuse is another type of abuse in which a person can say things to emotionally harm another person when a series of words are used to tear a person to pieces. Sexual Abuse can also be abuse when the person is being forced to have sexual relations to with he /she does not agree too. Last but not least we see Financial/ Cultural abuse is this when the person is withholding funds, forbids to work, and trying to have financial control. In many cultures, it is known for men to have the upper hand in relationships. These are some of the most common abuses that happen in the United States.

So now we ask ourselves what are some of the signs in which someone might be an abusive relationship. There a cycle of violence in which is common. The first stage starts off with tension, which in usually feels like you walking on eggshells. There might not be any signs of immediate physical abuse but there is a lot of emotional abuse. In the second stage, the person is starting to be violent towards the victim in which physical abuse starts in which it starts getting worst and worst over time. The last stage is the honeymoon stage in which the abuser tries to ignore and deny the fact that they were being abused until there next episode. The victim is often afraid to leave the abuser for many reasons and somehow feel the abuser will come after them.

One of the most recent cases was of Karen Smith, 53, a teacher that was shot by their husband at a school in San Bernardino, California. She was planning on divorce her husband when he walked into her classroom killing her and one of her students. Ms. Smith like other teachers was dedicated to her students and the ability to teaching them new things. Like, Ms. Smith and other women around the world some are terrified of there spouses. Research has shown that sociality has a traditional view that men overpower women making them weaker and sometimes unreported a lot of these cases that can not be prevented.

As a society, most can agree that domestic violence needs to be stopped. Being that society recognize that this type of violence is dangerous and can show emotion damaging for children at any age. In the United States alone there are many different laws that punish domestic abuses. Depending on the damage cause to the victim they usually have to take some kind of classes in which they participate in and learn tp control there anger. Domestic could is a huge social issue within the United States nowadays, and everywhere around the world.

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