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What is a descriptive essay

While writing a descriptive essay, the author strives to deliver a real experience to the reader through the text. In other words, the descriptive essay is aimed to create a vivid and detailed picture of a thing, event, process or person for your readers. This type of writing is much more emotional and imaginative than any other; consequently, some students only rely on their intuition while writing a descriptive paper. However, like any other essay, it does not arise as a result of divine intervention. Proper organization and honed skills are the keys to fine and sound writing; do you know where to find the best topics of the descriptive essay?

Stages of writing a descriptive essay

The process of writing a descriptive essay consists of three stages:

  1. Planning; during this stage, you should decide a topic and purpose of your article. Additionally, it is useful to consider the particular qualities that you want to describe. Feel free to make a short outline of your future masterpiece; it is the most efficient way to keep everything organized even for experienced writers.
  2. This stage revolves around the details that will make the flash of the essay; think of smells, tastes, sounds, textures and sights that you can include in your text. Search your memory for details and associations; include your feelings towards the object; let them influence your writing.
  3. That is where your real work begins; consider whether you gave all the necessary information, check the order of paragraphs and use some best essay checker you can find on the Internet. Read the text aloud; does it reflect the mood you would like to convey? Are there any unnecessary details that clutter the description? Are all the five senses involved; is a word choice appropriate?

While planning your descriptive essay, keep in mind that your future text consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. We believe that you are already familiar with the components. A standard essay involves three body paragraphs, but you are free to make as many as you need. Think of your object while writing and try to cover your topic.

Moreover, the descriptive essay must have a thesis, which explains the primary purpose of your writing. Keep in mind that to write a descriptive essay you need a clear “punchline.” Otherwise, it can seem annoying to the reader. The writer needs to decide on the topic of the writing to make a thesis statement – let’s get right to it.

How to choose topic for a descriptive essay

Topic Rules: find out everything about topics of the descriptive essay
Writing a descriptive essay can be an exciting and entertaining exercise, but choosing essay topics may seem a little problematic for inexperienced writers. There are many methods to choose a topic; as we have already mentioned, you may choose out of the broad range of objects to describe. It can be either a person, thing, event, place, or process.

  1. Write about something familiar; opt for something you know about details or something that impressed you. Try to think of things that inspire you or people who you love. It takes a very vivid imagination to develop a detailed image of an under-explored object; bury in mind that writing about something unknown may turn into a tough task.
  2. Revive your memory; is where your personal experience in your past that evoked strong emotions in you? Write about the holiday memories, or childhood impressions, a person that influenced your life or object that means something unique to you. You can even revive in your memory how you feel when you are doing everyday things, like studying or commuting.
  3. Try brainstorming topics of the descriptive essay; take time to brainstorm different ideas for your essay. You can list all objects that cross your mind and put down all the possible cases in which they are involved. Think of emotions that you experience towards each topic; choose the one which appeals to your interests and mood.

Pay attention to some central rules!
How to choose the best topics of the descriptive essay? Whichever topic you choose, remember that descriptive essay is not about what you describe, but about how you do it. When you are planning, write down the details connected with your issue. You can start with general information and develop them into more specific thoughts and your associations. You can use phenomena that the reader perceives, such as smells, images, tastes, sounds, and textures. For instance, if you are going to write about your holiday at the seaside, the first list may look like that:

  • Seagulls
  • Waves
  • Music
  • Pineapples
  • People

Now extend your list with details:

  • Calls of the seagulls flying over the surface of water
  • Coolness of salty waves
  • Guitar music in the heat of bonfire
  • Rich sweetness of fragrant pineapples
  • Crowds of brown smiling faces.

If you feel that you have not enough details on the chosen subject, don’t hesitate to change your topic and your essay. Your brave decision will reap big rewards.

Descriptive topics list

Ready-To-Use Topics. Finally
If you are still hazy about the topic, some excellent ideas can make perfect essays. The beauty of these topics is that they are almost universal. You will get not simple topics, but the base for future essays. You can write about different things using the same theme through the change of mood, situation or time lapses.

Go ahead and make a wise choice!

Topics about people

  • Describe traits that make a person beautiful
  • Describe successful people that surround you
  • Describe a leader who influenced you

Topics about places

  • Describe the place where you played as a child
  • Describe a house of your dream
  • Describe the most peaceful place you visited

Topics about objects

  • Describe things in your purse (bag, backpack)
  • Describe something that you would like to pass to succeeding generations.
  • Describe means of transport of the future

Topics about experiences

  • Describe your first year of college
  • Describe your first date
  • Describe your favorite memory from the childhood

Topics about processes

  • Describe how people become friends
  • Describe how to become independent
  • Describe how to survive a day in a new city

Descriptive essay tips

Make Your Essay Great Again! Find Some More Helpful Hints
There’s no limit to perfection; here is some know-how that can make your essay even more powerful.

  • Appeal to 5 senses; while writing a descriptive essay, deep involvement of your readers is very important. The best way to make people experience what you have described is to appeal to their senses. To put it differently, help your readers not to read the information printed out on paper but to taste, touch, smell, hear and see the object of writing. A good description makes reader perceive an image through all the five senses, which make it almost real.
  • Comparisons, metaphors, and adjectives are your best friends. A noun itself is abstract and elicits all kinds of associations in different people. However, once you start using adjectives and comparisons, you can show an exact object that you are thinking and how you feel about it.
  • Be wary of an excessive artistic device. Remember that too much of a good thing is good for nothing; needless detail annoys and distracts your reader from the main idea of an essay. To check whether some detail is needed, try to throw it away and compare this variant with initial sentence. Choose which is better.

Keeping these easy rules in mind will help you to improve your writing skills dramatically. Now you know the best topics of the descriptive essay.

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