Data On The Provision of Ecosystem Services

For this assignment, I have decided to review and summarize an article entitled, “Can biodiversity monitoring schemes provide indicators for ecosystem services?“ The article was written by authors and researchers Else Rt Genijzendorffer and Phillip Roche and subsequently published by Elsevier Ltd in the October 2013 issue of” In Biodiversity Monitoring”. The piece highlights (through a detailed comparison) “seven monitoring schemes, rating the quality of recorded parameters, sampling protocol adequacies, on the extent to which they can provide data on the provision of ecosystem services and what additional information may be needed for future monitoring of ecosystem services” these methods are identified within the study as the Land Cover Pan- European Common Birds Monitoring (PECBM).

The National Inventory of the Landscape of Sweden (NILS) and the UK Butterfly monitoring (UK-BM).

The findings revealed that none of the methods above presented any remarkable quality of parameters (indeed all demonstrated quality of parameters in their own right) yet the evidence (research) did not exceed the qualitative data.

Thus there was no real way of discovering which of these methods was the best option overall all other methods. Furthermore, because of such issues with sampling methods, “divergence was cited as a major issue within the research thus causing a reduction in the value of monitoring these methods independently and comparing them to one another accordingly. Yet noted that “EBONE, BioBio, and NILS, provided the best data on the provision of ecosystem service”.

How this article relates to our course material, my opinions on issue 81 similar topics.

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This article relates to what we are learning & exploring in class because it relates to the topic of ecosystems. In particular, this article breaks down just some of the current methods both scientists and researchers within the field, are utilizing as well as exploring, in a better effort to begin to understand which methods may be better, more viable alternatives to the utilization of biodiversity research schemes and ongoing services assessments. My overall opinion with regard to the biodiversity research schemes and ongoing services assessments is that if all of these methods have been proven to work, then each of these methods should be utilized to the fullest extent until more research (perhaps comparing a few at a time through research and going form their) is conducted, similar topics to the field of biodiversity and ecosystems (research) include but are not limited to, “studies of physiological ecology, population dynamics, and community ecology.

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