Crime Using the Interactionist Theory in the Movie The Wolf of Wall Street

According to theorists of the interactions view, they define crime using the opinions of people who hold social power in a specific legal jurisdiction The interactionism View of crime, those people holding social and economic power (moral entrepreneurs) cause criminality. Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013 film), is focused on cumulating massive wealth driven by his own greed and he is seen engaging in illegal behavior of defrauding the stock investors. Those in power define Jordan Belfort‘s behavior as criminality, he sees himself as a perceptive and successful businessperson.

In the theory of interactionism view, crime grows and evolves using the moral standard of those in power.

Jordan Belfort was in power, with all the money he had he party and continues to swindle money from investors using pumps and dump methods (buying cheap stocks and selling it at high prices). Jordan Belfort uses his money to bribe his way to success and gain more wealth; this is one trait of the so-called moral entrepreneurs.

Together with his partners, they use pump and dump fraud method to accumulate wealth, were they see no offense in doing so Over time as Stratton Oakmont grows, his appetite for more wealth and influence grow. The psychiatric behavior explanation of Jordan Belfort is a mental health problem caused by drug abuse.

The film shows how he misuses drugs (cocaine addict) and the nightmare episode at night shouting ‘Venice’. Jordan needed help and drug abuse rehabilitation. At the beginning of the film, Jordan Belfort is seen as having aggressive and charming personality traits, which influence his behavior to be outgoing and who loves to talk and negotiate, making him a better salesperson in stock brokerage.

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Jordan Belfort’s behavior of loving money, sex, drugs, and power is a result of failing to attain socially endorsed goals. In human life the need for money, sex, and power and drug addiction will keep on recurring, Labeling play a key role, in the beginning of the film we see Jordan Belfort as a son of two accountants, it seems quite obvious he got the knowledge of selling and accounting from the parent.

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