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Lorraine Adams was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism 1,992th . Accordingly, high my expectations were on her novel “Crash”. The novel begins very exciting and highly technical, as men the love: The onboard computer of a fighter jet goes crazy at once. In the cockpit sits Mary, one of the few black combat pilots in the US Air Force. You can not prevent their machine crashes – Washington, DC! With ejection seat and parachute it can save and lands safely in a tree.

The crash site is quickly backed up, all machine parts as well as turf and spent trees are removed immediately. Clear that this accident must be subject to the utmost secrecy. In fact, Mary will never know why their hi-tech devices have failed completely unjustified it that the flight could not control. Only Frank, has long been her “wingman” in Begleitjet, becomes suspicious, researches curious about and warns Mary to stay away from Will Holmes.

Will Holmes’s intelligence and director of a pioneering avionics project.

By remote control wants to prevent suicide pilots hit their intended targets. The trial is in beta, and Holmes had taken a wrong decision, a test carried just too early. Now you have the crash remain secret and covered up. Which devises Holmes a clean report, a secret dossier, and Mary and Frank are out of the way and transferred to Bagram in Afghanistan, where Holmes will continue to not lose sight of.

The editors of the prestigious Washington post is a madhouse: It’s about the occupation of the new chief post to internal wrangles among journalists and of course the daily headlines.

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Reporters eat anything contradictory itself, not yet verified, sometimes simply false reports from the White House and the other political temples. As an insider, it amused Holmes that the Post -Article reputation are thoroughly researched and to be well written.

Also, excerpts of secret dossiers reach the media, but soon disappear , Don Grady, former head of Washington Post and now best-selling author with access to the highest echelons of power, is owned by the full report, but does not give it out, because he wants the controversial information in a commercialize own book

If Lorraine Adams is a former journalist as here on familiar terrain. Their representation of the grueling, tumultuous everyday business convinces with competence and authenticity. But unfortunately the content acts Adams’ novel chaotic: the original, actual plot, namely the investigation of the crash is almost pushed into the background, overgrown with too many and -schauplätzen not always motivated secondary lines, and, for example.

Don Grady dinner parties whose Charged regard themselves as privileged where celebrities politicize and the host himself celebrated Solo from Dons mimic many believe to learn more than at a press conference; the inscrutable activities of the secret services, their manipulations in Afghanistan, neglecting their real responsibility; the recruitment of an Iranian nuclear scientist, who is killed in a mysterious way; the sudden deployment order of Mary and Frank, who, she later learned, kills innocent girl. Reading is passages as no pleasure. Wrong-headed, awkward sentences are sometimes difficult to understand. This is due to the translation or the original text already? “The Room and the Chair” is the title of the American Originals; as sensational and simple, however, the “German” version. “Crash”

The substantive draft inadequate leaves the reader unsatisfied: Lorraine Adams tears at many things, but many problems remain unresolved, opaque. The admittedly extremely complex relationships between politics, military, intelligence, military operations and activities of the media, they can only make hard to understand.

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