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Analysis of the Movie Patch Adams Paper

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Paper type: Analysis , Subject: Emotion

This sample paper on Patch Adams Film offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.

The analysis of the film Patch Adams: Is humor the best medical specialty?

Patch Adams is a film that is based on a true narrative. It is about a adult male who has experienced many things in his life-time. from being institutionalized in a psychiatric ward of a infirmary to being a well-respected physician that heals and quiet many people with wit. This film portrays many facets of wellness communicating that we have discussed in this category. and it besides accurately represents one of the arguments presently taking topographic point in the wellness communicating field. In this paper I will reexamine past footings and theoretical accounts such as: physician-centered communicating. collaborative communicating. and the biopsychosocial theoretical account. These footings will be used to assist show that the information found in the film Patch Adams is relevant to the field of wellness communicating. Then I will try to reply the implicit in inquiry of the film Patch Adams. “Is humor the best medical specialty? ”

Wit Movie Nursing Analysis

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Since the beginning of clip adult male has held many different theories on wellness and what causes unwellness. Some more implausible than others. but besides some that are more credible. For illustration. the biopsychosocial theoretical account still influences many. This theoretical account approaches wellness as an overall encompassing phenomenon. This means that wellness is affected by more than merely physical complaints. Overall wellness is a merchandise of both physical and emotional

Well being. Harmonizing to Athena du Pre in her book. Communicating about Health: Current Issues and Positions: “The biopsychosocial position takes into history patients’ physical conditions ( biological science ) . their ideas and beliefs ( psychological science ) . and their societal expectations” . She went on to province. “The biopsychosocial attack is supported by grounds that people’s ideas and emotions have an influence on their overall health” .

Sing this. now take a expression at the film Patch Adams. Hunter Adams. or better known as “Patch” . ne’er found his notch in life. particularly after his male parent died when he was nine. In his ulterior life. he bounced around from occupation to occupation but nil seemed to experience right. Then. after he attempted to perpetrate self-destruction he found himself in a psychiatric ward life amongst some really particular people. It was at that place where he foremost found his true naming in life. In that psychiatric ward “Patch” Adams learned that he was wholly compelled by assisting people. He loved assisting people through the healing procedure. and he besides learned that with his playful personality. he was really good at it.

He believed that linking to a patient’s ideas and emotions were every bit every bit of import as cognizing what was physically incorrect with them. This vision and his enterprise lifted him out of the psychiatric ward and. believe it or non. all the manner through medical school. Throughout this transmutation into a physician. “Patch” was pressured to disregard his positions and conform to how others thought a medical student/professional is supposed to move. Till the terminal. Patch devoted himself to assisting patients nevertheless he could. He found that the best manner for him to pass on with patients was with the usage of wit. He would merely do so laugh. and automatically they would experience better.

Now retrieving the biopsychosocial theoretical account. seek to compare it with Patch’s position of wellness attention. As you likely realized. Patch’s vision falls about straight in line with this theoretical accounts beliefs. Spot and the biopsychosocial theoretical account belief that wellness is affected by a combination of all facets of life.

In today’s society. there are a big figure of medical installations virtually in every metropolis. Since the first twenty-four hours these doors have opened. the bulk of them have most likely been physician-centered environments. In a physician-centered environment the health professional controls about every facet of the interaction. Equally shortly as a patient walks into a physician-centered environment they begin to wait. The physician controls about all facets of the full visit. Waiting for the physician like this about implies that the doctor’s clip is more of import than the patient’s. “Researchers suggest that physicians have traditionally been more self-asserting than patients-talking more. inquiring more inquiries. and taking what subjects will be discussed. Sometimes physicians go so far as to do patients experience belittled and incapacitated. Patients. in bend. are comparatively inactive and suiting. at least while they are with their doctors” ( du Pre 53 ) .

While analyzing the interpersonal interactions between physicians and patients it is clear that physicians wholly control the talk clip. Doctors ask a batch of “yes” or “no” answered inquiries. non leting the patient to show really much emotional information. This is one of the ways that physicians. in this type of environment. attempt to remain emotionally detached from patients. An illustration of this can besides be found in the film when all the experient physicians merely refer to patients as their certain unwellnesss. These physicians feel that names. emotions. avocations. etc. are merely distractions that get in the manner of their professional responsibilities.

In recent times. in the field of wellness communicating. a displacement in beliefs has become evident. Many feel that the physician-centered attack is no longer the best manner to pull off the interaction between patients and physicians. A new collaborative attack has been adopted by many. This collaborative attack is more of a partnership between the patient and physician. More communicating by the patient. and more listening by the physician. When the physician and patient speak to one another. they speak to each other as equals sharing thoughts. remarks. and suggestions. This allows patients to open up to their physicians and reveal inner ideas and feelings that could perchance be negatively impacting their wellness.

A good illustration of this type of interaction is transactional communicating. in which both communicators are reciprocally act uponing each other. It can be thought of as a dealing of information or an exchange. It is here. in this type of environment. that communicating accomplishments play a really of import function. A physician that lacks communicative accomplishments might hold jobs interacting with some of the patients. Interacting builds trust between the physician and patient. which allows the patient to experience more relaxed.

Building trust is really of import since physicians in some instances must order life salvaging redresss. If the patient doesn’t swear his or her physician. they might non swear the doctor’s diagnosing and this could finally take to the patient non following the physicians instructions decently. “Researchers suggest that patients who feel they have been belittled or who have been unable to portion of import information are less likely than others to follow intervention advice. At the same clip. physicians who discourage patients from speaking may lose of import information” ( du Pre 52 ) . So as one can see. communicating accomplishments play a really of import function in effectual wellness communicating. Many doctors use different tactics to acquire patients to open up to them. Of these tactics. one has been studied about since the beginning of medical specialty itself. “Patch” Adams used this same maneuver to act upon his patients. The communicating maneuver is wit.

In the film Patch Adams. “Patch” . whether he knew it or non. was a truster of the collaborative attack to wellness attention. Laughter and wit were used by “Patch” to assist the patients feel better and loosen up. The patients trusted Patch and opened up to him. this allowed him to do more accurate diagnosings. Therefore. bettering the patient’s state of affairs. attitude. and overall mentality on life all through the usage of wit. “The world is that many healers regard wit to be a valuable. productive vehicle that has helped their clients come on efficaciously in covering with personal. societal. and emotional jobs. When resonance and trust have been established. wit may be expected to bring forth good consequences. if used prudently” ( Granick 1 ) . Should humour be considered a medical specialty? Many feel that it should.

Humor and laughter are going progressively valued assets in the wellness attention environment. They both can be used as effectual tools to get by with emphasis. hence advancing physical wellness. Not merely does humour advance physical wellness. but the usage of wit besides can be a critical accomplishment for doctors in medical scenes. Humor can advance positive relationships and allow patients to loosen up. experience motivated. alleviate emphasis. and work toward the end of a healthy life. Humor can supply a manner to cover with tenseness and to see state of affairss more optimistically. The ability to hold wit gives us perspective when covering with our jobs.

Humor and laughter provide a physical release from tenseness and emphasis. It is good known that emphasis has a negative consequence on overall wellness. The connexion between emphasis and high blood force per unit area. musculus tenseness. and many other complaints has been known for old ages. We know have proof that laughter creates the opposite effects. It seems to be the perfect medical specialty for emphasis. So from this. one could state that wit has a curative consequence on the human organic structure. head. and psyche. Norman Cousins was one of the first to name attending to the medical community to the possible curative effects of wit. He described his usage of wit during the interventions he had for a peculiar complaint. He ever believed that negative emotions would hold a negative consequence on his wellness. so he so began to keep that the antonym was besides true: that positive emotions would hold a positive consequence. He believed that the experience of laughter could open him to experiencing joy. hope. and assurance once more.

Cousins possibly the best known for such research. but he was decidedly non the first. Equally early as the 1300’s. a professor of surgery by the name of Henri de Mondeville wrote. “Let the sawbones take attention to modulate the whole regimen of the patient’s life for joy and felicity. leting his relations and particular friends to hearten him. and by holding person tell him jokes” ( Walsh 147 ) . The difference is that we now have surveies that prove this to be true. Another innovator in this field is the celebrated Sigmund Freud. Freud believed that laughter played a really of import function in mental wellness. “Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud was among the first to try a systematic geographic expedition of the nature of wit and laughter and how they may run in the human personality. In his 1905 book. Wit and its Relation to the Unconscious. he observed that gags and amusing looks enable persons to support against anxiousnesss. frights. choler. and other upseting emotions” ( Granick 2 ) . It amazes me that these cats were on the right path that many old ages ago. but they were. After measuring all this information it has become clear to me. and hopefully you. that wit has a definite impact on wellness. I personally feel that there is a direct positive relationship between the sum of laughter and overall wellness of an person.

In decision. I feel that the film Patch Adams is a great contemplation of current issues in the wellness communicating field. This film contains many relevant subjects and theories that I analyzed and compared to theoretical accounts and other issues that we have discussed in category. I hope my description and analysis of this film gives you an penetration to how our medical environment could alter in the close hereafter. Too many doctors separate themselves from their patients emotionally. This tends to curtail the ability of the doctor to pass on efficaciously with their patients. Now with the information I gave you. you make your ain determination: Is humor the best medical specialty? I think we will hold that it might non be the best. but I believe that wit surely can be classified as a medical specialty.


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