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My name is Jaime Goh and I am currently enrolled in the Common Business Program here in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I decided to study business as this area of study had sparked interest in me ever since I first learnt about it in my previous school. I studied economics over the course of my IGCSE years in grade 9 and grade 10, and decided that I would like to further my studies in this particular field in a polytechnic course.

I strive to be an organized and disciplined person, although I may be lacking in those qualities from time to time. However, I am certain that through pursuing this business-related course, I will be to work on and improve these skills. These are the two values which are most important to me as they enable me to achieve my goals both academically and in my daily life.

Next I will describe the output from the various tools which I have attempted in the CPP module and present my reflections on them.

After taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality test, I have discovered that I am an INFP, which is known as a Mediator personality. This personality type is described to be true idealists who constantly try to find the good in the worst of people and circumstances and try to make the best out of the given situations. Mediator personalities appear as reserved and shy initially, but actually have an inner flame that can truly shine.

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Statistics show that only 4% of the population have this personality type, hence we tend to feel misunderstood until we find like-minded people which we feel in harmony with, then we feel will feel a sense of joy and inspiration. As I read about my personality type and tendencies, I related to many of the traits mentioned

I also gained more insight on my personality type through the MySkillsFuture Self-Assessment Tool. Based on my answers to the test, I have found out career interests, skills confidence work values. The top three careers that match my interests are conventional, artistic, and social. The top three skills I believe I am most confident in are artistic, enterprising, and social. Lastly the work values that are most important to my work life are lifestyle, workplace, and co-workers. I feel that the answers I received in this test are accurate as they are in line with the results I received in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality test. I personally agree with the given career choices, skills which I am said to be confident in, and work values that crucial to me.

PART 2  Comparison of top three choice of course

In this section I will discuss some of the industries/sectors that the course prepares me for.

The one-year Common Business Programme (CBP) I am taking is specially designed to help students like myself gain a better understanding of the various business industries before making a more informed decision on our preferred business diploma to specialise in for the second school year. It broadens our knowledge and enables us to develop a strong foundation in fundamental business modules.

Pursuing the Common Business Programme will allow students to graduate with a diploma in either Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Business Studies, International Trade & Business or Tourism & Resort Management in the third year while developing essential life skills such as analytical ability, communication and presentation skills, problem solving, team work and time management. Some of the industries that these diplomas can lead to are Advertising & Marketing, Customer service, Accounting and Finance, Sales, and Human Resources and Recruitment.

Although one`s values, skills, and interests undoubtedly will influence their final choice of a career, some of the more common career choices in the industries listen above are careers such as an Accountant, a Management Consultant, a Financial Analyst, a Corporate Attorney and so on. For example in this case, students like myself who take the Accounting and Finance module can put their acquired financial knowledge and skills to good use as Accountants of a firm when making financial decisions about the company`s resources. Accountants represent and communicate business information to ensure efficiency in operation and by investors to make sound decisions about their investments.

Next I will discuss how the course prepares me for a career in the industry. As the course equips students with the ability to think and work strategically and systematically using problem-solving skills, students will have strong project management, and execution abilities in the workplace. Business Courses such as CBP ensures students get ample opportunities for internships, exchanges and study trips. These include three-week Overseas Immersion Programmes to places like Shanghai where we will get to learn about the place`s history, culture, education, lifestyles and political systems through lessons at their host institution. All of these allow us to gain exposure to the country`s social and business practices. Furthermore, final-year International Trade & Business students get the opportunity to go on a study trip to any country they want to gain real world experience. An example is the 12-day trip planned by past year students to San Francisco where they visited renowned high-tech corporations, start-ups and venture capitalists. Internships offered to students like myself in this course are those such as Product marketing internship where we are able to learn the basics of marketing by analyzing and interpreting market trends and marketing strategies of competitors. There is also business management internships that gives us insight on all the work involved behind the scenes of running a business while getting a real hands-on experience. Another example is a Management consulting internship where I am able to gain a deeper understanding of how to research, compile and present information. This is achieved by assisting in the dynamics team structure or the changes in a variety of projects.

Thirdly I will discuss how the modules taught in the course prepare me for the industry.

Firstly, as mentioned above, the Accounting and Finance module enable students to put their acquired financial knowledge and skills to good use as Accountants of a firm when making financial decisions about the company`s resources. In this module we learn about how to perform calculations and analysis on various financial statements such as Statements of Financial Income and Statements of Financial Position. The calculations we perform are utilising all the financial equations we learnt during the module. Using the results calculated we are able to observe trends in the operation of the business and compare them to other firms in the industry. From there we can then make informed business decisions on how to proceed to improve or maintain the current state of the business.

Secondly the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics modules also prepare me for the business industry as they cover topics such as the basic economic problem, how the various market structures function, and other key economic concepts. This is useful as in the workplace, I can apply this knowledge to have a better understanding of my job requirements and goals.

Thirdly, the Business Law module informs all business students as to the legal and illegal practices in business. These include contract law, law or torts among many other informative topics. For instance, if I decide to be an entrepreneur and set up my own business in the future, I can do so with the necessary knowledge such as what type of entity would be most in line with my values, and which laws I will have to abide by for each type of organisation. It also informs me of the damages and remedies available for the breach of certain duties which are applicable to jobs in the business industry.

Lastly, the Information Design in Business module, which focuses on the ability to use Adobe Photoshop and the various design principles and concepts, is extremely useful especially when it comes to marketing and retail jobs in the business industry. In this module we learn about how to edit and plan posters to be aesthetically pleasing for the viewer, make website interfaces from scratch for both the computer and mobile phone screens, and when and where to apply the appropriate design principles when doing so.

PART 3 – CCAs and Enrichment ActivitiesThere is a wide selection of CCAs catering to the various interests of students at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, however the areas I am most interested in is sports. These include netball, basketball, and volleyball.

Such sports are played in teams and require teamwork, sportsmanship and good communication. These skills are developed through participating in these CCAs as you are placed into teams with other students who may be from different courses and have different backgrounds from you, yet you must still be able to work well with one another to achieve a common goal.

In the first term of school, I have not joined any of these sport CCAs as I wanted to gauge if I could handle the workload before committing to such demanding CCAs. However in the next term I hope to be able to have the opportunity to join one of the CCAs I listed above as I believe it will greatly benefit my school life in many aspects.

Enrichment programmes can also help to develop certain important skills and gain work experience. Such programmes include the many activities offered under “Community service” like BP-NP Mentoring, Food Aid, and Environmental Rangers. All of these different programmes can help me to meet a variety of people with similar interests and to feel part of a community. It will also deepen my community awareness by integrating into the local communities outside of my school

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