Contemplated Something, As In A Dream

The New Principal’s Fieldbook by Pam Robbins and Harvey Alvy, defines vision as something seen, otherwise, than by ordinary sight; something beheld as in a dream. As an educator I have a vision, my vision encompasses many aspects within education: leadership, integrity, making a difference, humility, transformation change, and diversity. This vision is my vision; however, to be a successful vision leading and promoting what I believe in I must share the vision with my staff. I believe in displaying and promoting leadership by motivating students, teachers, staff, and parents to work towards commonality.

One of the biggest commonalities is a common goal that all students will learn. Each student’s learning will be or look differently; however, each student can learn to the fullest potential every day. I believe an effective educational leader will lead by displaying integrity.

Every day, I will demonstrate courage, strength, and trustworthiness by promoting and keeping promises made and fulfilling expectations set forth by me and others.

It is vital as an educational leader that I treat each student with the highest level of integrity. I believe in making a difference every day by setting daily goals to make a positive impact on students every day. In addition, to making a positive impact on the lives of the students, I will make a positive impact on teachers and parents by being a positive role model for all by promoting positive outcomes. I believe in displaying a level of humility. By doing so, I will remain humble with the student’s backgrounds, as well as being open to the different perspectives each child brings into the day.

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I will also be aware of myself, and the limitations I hold as a person. I know as my limitations exceed themselves, I will not be as effective in leading as my desire is.

I believe an effective educational leader will value transformational change. Transformational change is the belief that all students deserve a fair education no matter their background or home life. For all students learning, I will promote fair is not equal to ensure each student the right to have the needed tools they need to be successful in learning to their fullest potential. I believe in diversity in one being who they are based on their culture, their beliefs. I am the leader, the role model, the one making a difference in the lives of students by ensuring that I am promoting their diversity to shape who they are. I believe in these values to ensure every day I am an effective leader promoting students, teachers, staff, and parents to be the best they can be. I will ensure a team that has and promotes similar values to secure everyone is working for the common goal of educating our future generation.

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