The Problem Rationale of the Study in the Millennial

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The following sample essay on The Problem Rationale of the Study in the Millennial In the millennial generation today, eating unhealthy product on a regular basis may contribute to health problems. Studies continue to show the negative effects of many common unhealthy products that are now available in the market which is similar to the product that the proponent is going to implement, Foods that contain large amounts of trans fats, saturated fat and sugar all contribute to increased chances of obesity, using the All-purpose flour as the main ingredient of the product as well as dairy milk that is being part of their raw material for production especially in Steamed cake.

With this, the new breed of young entrepreneurs of San Agustin Institute of Technology (SAIT) introduced another innovative product named Steamed Cake Filled with Polvoron, a perfect snack for individuals looking for a delicious product at a very affordable price.

Moreover, All-purpose flour is made from a combination of hard and soft wheat and is the easiest to use because it is refined to have softer texture than the wheat flour.

According to USDA, a cup of white, all-purpose, enriched, bleached flour is a very good source of selenium, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamin. It is also a good source of copper, iron, phosphorus, and zinc. The FDA requires that enriched flour contain a certain amount of iron, thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid and niacin. Dietary reference intake, or DRI, percentages listed are for ? cup of enriched, white all-purpose flour and apply to adults under age 50.

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On the other hand, dairy products are high sources of calcium, which promotes muscle and bone health. This mineral also prevents colon cancer; Carabao’s milk is more nutritious because it has 58 percent more calcium, 40 percent more protein, and 43 percent less cholesterol than cow’s milk. The carabao milk is richer and creamier than goat or cow’s milk; it is a complete food because it contains protein, fat, lactose, vitamins, minerals and water (Gonzales, 2017).

The product has been conceptualized as a result of brainstorming. The main objectives of the proponents in coming up Steamed Cake Filled with Polvoron are to promote healthy snack that will make the product itself stand out among competitors.

Thus, the proponents were encouraging to investigate the profitability and sustainability of steamed cake filled with polvoron.

Statement of Purpose

The study aims to determine whether the Steamed Cake Filled with Polvoron is a feasible business venture. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. Is Steamed Cake filled with Polvoron saleable among the students in San Agustin Institute of Technology and other nearest schools?
  2. Will the Steamed Cake Filled with Polvoron satisfy the consumer in terms of taste, quality and price?
  3. Will the proponents gain profit after the initial implementation?
  4. Will the proposed product sustain after its initial implementation?

Background of the Study

This proposed project is a result of research that the proponents had for the past months. Steamed Cake Filled with Polvoron has a delightful and pretty mild taste, that will enjoy by the target customer in SAIT and other nearest canteen not too sweet but just perfect to appeal with the consumer’s taste buds. The Steamed Cake Filled with Polvoron is not just a classification of snack, they use All-purpose flour which indicate that a single cup provides 455 calories, no worries to people who doesn’t like to consume that many calories because they don’t eat flour alone it is blended with other ingredients in making the Steamed cake instead they put Carabao’s milk as being part of the raw material which more nutritious because it has 58 percent more calcium, 40 percent more protein, and 43 percent less cholesterol than cow’s milk. Carabao’s are also typically grass-fed.

Basically, the idea of creating the “Steamed Cake Filled with Polvoron” is that to have two desirable and well-known foods, the Polvoron and the Steamed Cake. Likewise, the proponents proposed business that they believe will click and suit to the taste of consumers. Prior to that the raw materials are cheap and can be found in their place and no need for them to travel just to purchase of what they needed.

Since the student are going to implement this study they are not just profit centered, but the quality of the product is the most important.

Significance of the Study

This study provides factual information about the future implementation of “Steamed Cake Filled with Polvoron” in the market place as well as in social media where millennial generation rely. The study believes to be significant to the following:

School Administrators. The proposed study provides the College library and Research Department for useful references that a student can use. It also brings honor and pride to the School Administrator of San Agustin Institute of Technology once the students had become self-reliant entrepreneur and equipped future business administrator.

The Government. It encourages people in the society to engage business even in a simplest way to lessens the poverty which is the most common problem. It also helps in terms of paying taxes from the gross income earned by micro and small-scale entrepreneurs.

Future Researchers. This study is significant to those who are taking up business-related course to open their minds not just potential business venture but to begin a journey that will open their mind that in reality there were things that is needed to discover that is resourceful and for the others to be involved as well.

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