Justification Of The Problem

This research is to be conducted in response to the concerns that have been principally motivated by the disturbing racial crime statistics which have revealed relatively high levels of criminality and growing rates of incarcerations among the African and Hispanic American populations. Moreover, approximately 90% of youth gang members who are directly related to juvenile delinquency are non-whites (Schmalleger, 2007).

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Hence, special attention and emphasis should be given to racial ethnicity in discovering effective intervention strategies in crime prevention in order to employ appropriate strategies for the progress and development of the racial minorities who are often relegated as marginalized sectors of society.

Literature Review All research must have a sound basis upon which the key facts and ideas are drawn. To carry out this research, it will be critical that a lot of information regarding the use and general applicability of LIFT programs is researched.

This will not only enhance the reliability of the final research findings but will also serve as an indication of the authenticity of those findings so that they can be more acceptable.

That aside, a thorough and extensive review of literature on the research topic will enable the research to narrow down its scope and become more specific by adopting specific research question to concentrate on and by enhancing the process of formulating appropriate hypotheses for the research. Youth Violence The level of violence among the young people has been alarming (Irving & Darlington, 2001).

The various child welfare groups have tended to wonder what could be done because it appears that once a child gets to his/her teen years, one starts to exhibit behavior that is totally unacceptable and out of the ordinary.

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This problem has been very rampant in this information age when many parents seem to care less about what their children are doing, believing that once a child is out to school it is the work of the teachers there to ensure the child is taught in the right manner, including behavioral ethics.

On the other side, teachers have concentrated on formal lessons more than teaching morals to children. As a result, the school child is left to learn behavior from the peers with whom one frequently converses. If not, the child learns the behavior of the superstars in the movies one watches (Schneider, 2005). According to the social learning theory, children learn bad behavior from the people who matter to them. Therefore, it is critical that the child is exposed to the right people and programs so that lessons learnt are those that ideal and helpful (Adams, 2005).

That is why a lot of emphasis has to be placed on the manner in which a child is brought. Given that the people with whom a child spends the most time in any given day are the parents and/or the teachers, these two hold the key to the future state of being for the child. And since aggressive behavior is learnt in early childhood but becomes manifest in teenage, it is the role of the parents and teachers to ensure that anything that might encourage or lead a child to adapt or develop aggressive behavior is dealt with appropriately (Schmalleger, 2007).

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Justification Of The Problem
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