Pressure changes characters in Miss Rosie and Richard Cory

The poem “mrs. Rosie” and “Richard Cory” both deal with people whose lives changed due to the pressures from the lives around the. Georgia Rose is the main character in “Mrs. Rosie” who was once the most beautiful girl in Georgia and turned into a girl when lived on the streets.

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She felt great pressure which caused her life to take a major downturn. The speaker talking about Georgia Rose states, “ who used to be the best gal in Georgia who used to be called Georgia Rose.

This shows how a well-known girl could become so overwhelmed by the life around her and take a downfall. In the poem “Richard Cory” Richard was a man who lived a grand, lavish life but as he grew older he committed suicide Robinson expresses this problem by stating how Richard Cory “went home and put a bullet through his head’.

He had the ability to have all of the material things he wished for, but his money could not compromise his needs.

Despite these poems by different authors, they have very similar ideas and themes. Each poem have subjects who undergo a great amount of pressure and their lives change dramatically. In spite of their similarities. “Mrs. Rosie” and “Richard Cory” have many differences. Poems may have the same meaning but all authors have a different way to express their ideas for that meaning. An example of poems with the same meaning but different expressions are “Mrs. Rosie” and “Richard Cory” clifton portrays the theme of devastating strain through a girl who was beautiful but ended up on the streets.

On the other hand. Richard Cory was always a man who had everything he needed materialistically but not spiritually and became very overwhelmed. Both poems are similar and different in their own ways even though they portray different themes and use different literary devices. Themes can be expressed in a plethora of different ways this theme is expressed through figurative language and irony. Figurative language is used throughout the piece of “mrs. rosie” when describing the lifestyle of Georgia Rose. The fact that Georgia Rose lived on the street. she was “wrapped up like garbage” (Clifton 2). Clifton says this while Robinson expresses the complete opposite of Richard Cory by describing how he was wealthy “and admirably schooled in every grace” (Robinson 10). He stated this to make us wish we had his place, and then he took his life displaying dramatic irony.

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