Censorship of Comedy in Society

Censorship has been around for a long time I don’t think it does any good except to make people blind or sheltered, Comedy is suppose to show the bad in life and make it funny. It should make people laugh and then make them ponder why they are laughing. I would say no censorship is better for the same reasons the athenians eventually said that putting a target on everybodys back is better because then no one gets left out I feel that in society we are all suppose to be rational mature adults, Which means if someone says something that offends you then you should let them know respectfully and move on Not make a case about how it is unfair or unfunny to say something.

What is funny to you may not be funny to someone else and vise versa that‘s why as mature adults everyone should poke funny at each other and have a good laugh, that is the best way for a society to work Then any prejudice or bad feelings you have towards people can be dealt with with comedy instead of bloodshed or people getting angry.

Some of the best comedy is when people poke fun at something or someone. Are we supposed to abandon such a rich and vibrant part in our culture that makes people more happy ever then angry? sure people get a little mad sometimes but most the time they will think something else is super funny that hurts another person.

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So where do we draw a line? hopefully we draw the line at people getting angry over comedy. Everyone should have a target on their back, it is a pan of growing up, your older brother would do it to you or older friends either way a little teasing here and there allows us as humans to learn how to cope and also help us learn about ourselves and what we want to stand for in life. If anything it helps build more than it destroys and that is why I am and always have been for comedy being directed at everything and everyone. noone should ever be singled out all the time that‘s why spreading the wealth increases positivity with laughter often which is something our brain and body yearn for daily.

A chemical is released in the brain every time you laugh called endorphins which are the body’s feel good chemical, If we were to choose the other side of the line and having censorship above all tensions would build and people would get more angry due to the lack of endorphins being released daily. The reason we want to put a target on everyones back and not censor people is so their is a wider array ofjokesr The jokes don’t become dulled down or simple because they hurt people’s feelings but instead empower people to think why such a thing is funny or hurtful to them and makes them think about how it could hurt someone as well, so it may not be appropriate everywhere. This can help us to learn when things are appropriate like during recreational time or when with family and friends I believe this a reason why athenians voted towards the side of the line with no censorship because above all you learn a lot more lessons when making jokes that hurt then you do when not makingjokes that make one ponder and use our intellect to figure more out about that joke, I feel that when growing up I made certain jokes that were funny but weren’t for that place and time.

That is a huge part of becoming an adult is being able to know when to have fun and when to be serious, thus allowing us to become better at comedy and censoring it when we need to in life and not being forced to not live life like were suppose to. These chemicals in our brains aren’tjust there for nothing, they help us grow in so many different ways especially by becoming more happy day by day allowing you to try new things and have experiences that you maybe couldn‘t without these endorphins coming from the jokes You don‘t gain anything by not laughing or by censoring these jokesiThere’s nothing for you to grow or mature from making it hard to be rational which can cause conflict between people because they fail to understand eachothers differences and instead of poke fun at and understand They decide to not compromise and they grow angry at each other due to the lack of laughter and happiness in their lives.

There are classic examples of this any time in history when a country does use censorship which is almost everywhere in history Many rebellions and conquered territory with millions of deaths have come from the lack of being mature and rational and simply understanding onse differences and accepting them, With comedy you can do such things and it is one of the main reasons in modern day that people are able to get along and coecide within eachothers societies and cultures even though they have any differences that can cause tension, to tension is relieved through comedy and allows us all to grow more mature and understand everyday In conclusion I would have to agree with no censorship above censoring material that if talked about and confronted through the method of comedy can maturely and beneficially be understood and talked about more seriously in our free time. I believe censorship has caused many problems throughout our word for along time and even though their are many problem still, I do believe through rational and mature thinking our world Is more progressive and globally friendly in the sense of welcoming all kinds of people no matter the things that can be made fun of about them, they are nevertheless accepted. Due to what I think is the lack of censorship in comedy during the modern era.

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