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Michael Watkins is a 47 year old Caucasian male with a clean appearance. He is approximately 260 pounds, 5’10 with brown eyes and brown hair. He is currently a resident of Fredericksburg, Virginia and lives with his wife of 15 years, Michelle and their three children. Michael states that he does suffer from bipolar disorder and hypertension, however he is only currently taking medication for his hypertension. He has been an employee for the Department of Defense for nearly 10 years as a budget analyst.

Client is not under any legal trouble and has not been in 12 years, however he does has a previous charge for domestic violence which occurred with his wife Michelle.

Client grew up in poverty and is the eldest of 3 kids. He states that his parents are addicts and were abusing and selling drugs all throughout his childhood. He also states that he did suffer emotional, physical, and sexual abuse as a kid.

Despite his rough childhood, he has managed to maintain a fairly stable lifestyle for himself and his family, regardless of his addiction. The relationship with his household is becoming very strained due to his addiction. His wife and him have been having problems for the majority of their marriage, but in the recent years as his kids grew up more, those relationships became very strained as well. His two oldest children have graduated and are making decent lives for themselves, however he is dealing with severe behavioral problems with his youngest child, who is 13 years old.

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His youngest (Cody) does use Michael’s addiction as a reason for his bad behavior, therefore him and his wife have a hard time deciding how to handle punishments due to their personal guilty for making him grow up in a household with an addict. His youngest has recently been diagnosed with anxiety, and is not medicated for it but attends weekly counseling sessions. The youngest son is Michael’s only biological son, and he states that he fears his son will end up like him due to their genetics. Client states that the majority of his stress and his triggers to his addiction come from his family life not being ideal and the stressors of raising children, even though the drug problem was present before he had a family.


Michael has shared that he was introduced to drugs when he was 3 years old due to accidentally getting into his parents “stash” of meth. Growing up he was in and out of that household, because of his parents substance abuse but he began using consistently at 14 years old. His drug of choice was meth in the beginning, but he has also abused amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, Percocet, Oxycontin, and other prescription medications which are now his drug of choice. Client states that he will go from doctor to doctor, complaining of neck and back pain in order to get the pain medication he “needs”. He also stated that he will pretend to lose his medication in order to get more. His addiction has taken over every aspect of his life, besides his career and would like to make changes.

If Michael does not get sober soon, he fears that he will lose his wife, kids, and eventually his job, which he states he takes a lot of pride in. However, he also stated that he feared going to a in-patient rehab facility would impact his job in a negative way if they were aware that he did have a drug abuse problem.


Recommended course of treatment for the client, Michael is to attend a MAT program where he can help deal with any withdrawal symptoms from the pain medications, can continue daily life, and receive counseling services to help with any co-occurring issues he may have that are impacting his addiction further.

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