Cardi B: From Struggles to Success - Embracing Mistakes and Building Resilience

You must be wondering why out of all the people I could do a biography on I chose Cardi B. If you just search her up she simply seems like a very popular rapper from the Bronx with a rough past including being a stripper. Yes, all these facts are true but there is so much more to her and everybody else with a similar past, than just on the surface. You have to find the backstory behind the backstory and identify her morals and intentions behind her decisions.

When Cardi B was a teenager, she stopped school to become a stripper. If someone shared this information with you, you would think she was some loose girl that was a high school dropout. If you just dig deeper you would realize that she stripped at clubs to escape poverty and an abusive relationship. I find it incredibly amazing that she found the strength to just leave home, find a job, and still continue in school.

She did eventually drop out of school but its the fact that she tried to continue her education, start to make a life for herself, and find the stability in herself to be strong through it all. After this situation she explored other ways to make a life for herself.

Cardi B began her journey on social media and eventually made it to Reality TV. She eventually made it as a popular star in the music industry. She made some great accomplishments throughout her career and is still continuing to make them but stuff about her past has surfaced.

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For one, an instagram live had surfaced with Cardi admitting that she had drugged and robbed men when she was a stripper. Instead of running from her past Cardi openly stated on social media that she did what she had to do to survive and basically said she’s not ashamed of her past or her mistakes. Cardi B has accepted the mistakes she has made in the past and realize that mistakes are a part of who we are. How can we learn and grow if we don’t make mistakes?

In conclusion, I chose Cardi B to write a biography on because she has a story to tell with lessons to learn. I believe she is a very hard working, confident, and courageous female that found her way to the top in spite of her past. She even found a husband and had a baby that currently has kept her focused. I admire this because not a lot of young celebrity rappers like Cardi B actually settle down and take care of their family. Through her story, she has taught me that you can’t run and be ashamed of something that made you who you are. You must face your problems head on because either way they will catch up to you. She persevered through her rough childhood and has made a life for herself consisting of people that love her. This is an amazing feat and I hope other people will start to dig deep in celebrity’s pasts and realize that the surface doesn’t always disclose the whole story.

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Cardi B: From Struggles to Success - Embracing Mistakes and Building Resilience
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