Five Mistakes In The Hindu Mythology

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India is a land of culture, the pristine ground of Spirituality. Hinduism is the oldest and the third largest religion in the world. The majority of the population in India are Hindus. Hindu mythology is found in texts like the Puranas, Vedic literature, and the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata are the traditional histories and the storehouses of Hindu heritage. Though we have many things to learn from our epics, if we deeply look into them, I could find some mistakes.

I, as an ordinary person, don’t have any right to comment on the great epics but for the situation, would like to put forward some of them, which were not mentioned as mistakes anywhere and it was told in the Grand that everything that had happened was for the Lok Kalyan.

Mistake 1:

If we look into Ramayana, there were many things told about Lord Rama being an ideal man, a great emperor, a good song, and a loving brother but I think he was not justified properly when it came to terms with Sita Devi.

When Lord Rama had won the battle against Ravana in Lanka, he and Sita Devi were supposed to return to Ayodhya but instead, he first asked her to take Agni Pariksha to prove her chastity. Why only women are supposed to prove themselves whether they are pure or not, why not men? I think it was a great insult to Sita Devi but she accepted it without even questioning.

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Mistake 2:

Why did Lord Rama abandon Sita Devi and had sent her to the forest even though he knew what the truth was?

This question has bugged me for years. Yes, I have heard of all the plausible arguments in favor of democracy and public opinion and how Rama loved Sita but had to do it for the love of Duty. None of this makes any sense to me. Indeed, which part of Dharma Shastra would allow him, as a caring King and a loving husband to abandon a pregnant woman?

The worst part is that Sita Devi didn’t even know what mistake she had committed to getting such a big punishment. It was a great insult to her.

Mistake 3:

When Lord Rama was in search of Sita Devi, in the middle of the forest, he met Hanuman, and through Hanuman, he met Sugreev who had promised to help him search for Sita Devi. When Sugreev was in trouble, Rama helped him by killing Vali. It is against the rule of war; Lord Rama killed Vali by hiding behind a tree.

Mistake 4:

Dronacharya who was the greatest teacher in history, did not keep Eklavya as his student only because he belonged to a lower caste? Despite knowing that an archer is nothing without his thumb, he asked Eklavya to cut his thumb as Guru Dakshina, how can he be so biased towards Arjuna that he discriminates against Eklavya though he knew that he had no hand in Eklavya’s amazing archery skills.

Mistake 5:

Though Kunti Devi was one of the strongest characters in the Mahabharata, she had flaws too. Out of curiosity, she had misused the boon given by Rishi Durvasa and had given birth to Karna, how can she abandon him even though it was her own mistake?

I conclude that I am not criticizing any Puranas or epics. It is just my thoughts and opinions from the stories that I have heard.

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