Callum McGregor in Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

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Callum McGregor is one of the main characters in the novel Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. It is an action packed novel based on a society that has been practicing segregation for decades. The novel is set in a fictional country called Pangaea during the 21st century. Callum deals with many issues including relationships, friendships, violence, alcohol abuse and depression. However, the main issues he has to deal with are prejudice and racism. This essay will reveal Callum’s complicated and unlucky character as well as saying the changes he has been through.

Callum is a nought boy, a second class citizen in a world run by Crosses. Callum believes in change but, unlike his dad and brother, he does not believe that maiming and killing will do anything. Instead he believes that having education will help him become someone and in that way he can help change the world. Callum’s brother and dad are a part of the Liberation Militia, a group of Nought communists who are prepared to do anything for change, even killing.

Callum’s mother highly disapproves of this group and believes, like Callum, that change can be achieved in a more civil way.

Lynette is Callum’s older sister. She has a mental disorder which makes her think that she is a Cross. Throughout the book Callum goes from the age of thirteen to twenty. But he may as well be fifty for all that’s he’s seen and done. His dark chestnut coloured hair and misty grey eyes add to his mystic character.

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Although Callum has a hard life he is still very caring and loving. “How about you and I go up to Celebration Wood this Saturday? We could have a picnic. ”-Callum, page 80. Callum is also curious and questionative because everyone is being secretive around him. “Where are you going Dad? “Out where? ” “What meeting? ” “Where is it? ” “Can I come? ”-Callum, page 188. Callum is also very easily confused. When everything goes downhill after the bomb explodes he wonders why his brother’s fingerprints were found on the bomb casing. “Jude was the bomber…That couldn’t be right. The Crosses had set him up, framed him. My brother wasn’t a bomber.

He wouldn’t do anything like that. And he certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave his fingerprints all over the bomb casing-unless he thought there wouldn’t be anything left of the bomb so why bother wearing gloves? -Callum, page 243 Callum’s best friend’s name is Sephy who is a Cross girl and daughter of one of the most powerful men in the country. Callum and Sephy are friends in secret, Sephy’s parents don’t know about their friendship and Callum’s family strongly disapproves. Sephy has a huge impact on Callum’s life. Everything Callum does somehow involves Sephy “Will Sephy approve of this? ” “What will Sephy think of this? ” He is constantly protecting her whether she knows it or not. Well, I said goodbye to Sephy at the beach almost two hours ago, but then I hid in the shadows and followed her home to make sure she got back OK. Then it took me over an hour to walk home. ” Callum’s life practically revolves around Sephy. Without her he’d just be another lost nought boy. The biggest change Callum goes through is when Sephy goes to Chivers Boarding School. After a series of events he turns from an innocent lovable boy to a man who has become cold and unfriendly. He grew up to become a totally different person.

From a boy who believed change can be achieved through education to a man who was stereotypical: the only way for change is to kill. He no longer loved or become close to anyone. He was a whole new person. Callum McGregor is a boy with a very hard life. Yet, throughout the book Callum shows to be a brave and lovable boy. He handles every situation with ease and proves that racism and prejudice will get them nowhere. He proves to be a great friend, son and brother. Finally showing that he is not just anyone, but an exceptionally gifted boy who proves that change can be achieved through education and knowledge.

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