Botox Usage in Medicine and Beauty Procedures

The following sample essay focuses on the use of Botox in medicine and cosmetic procedures. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Bottom is used to get rid of wrinkles in aging adults. The main reason it was used was to help patients that had a stroke and their face muscles were drawn up. Bottom actually paralyzes the muscles instead of relaxing them. Men and woman are spending 600-1,000 bucks each time they go and have a treatment done which as to be done every couple of months.

The ethical dilemma with this procedure Is people are using It to not show signs of aging when In real life people grow old and get wrinkles.

They want to look young forever, and that is not the case in real life. Rich people are the only kind of people that can really afford it to be done because it cost so much to get the procedure done, but what if a person that can’t afford it and really needs it done, but their insurance does not cover it? People believe that it is okay to have this procedure done to make them look younger, but others thinks it’s a waste of money everybody ages it’s a part of life that everybody will go through.

Botox Essay

People miss understand that in the beginning of the treatments it was meant for people with abnormal muscle tone and stroke patients but when the wealthy found out they used it to get rid of the wrinkles.

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My view is simply that I am against people who want to have Bottom not all people but the rich who believe that they need to get rid of wrinkles on their face. To me wrinkles are a part of life that Is the way god had Intended us to look when we aged. Problems associated with the issue would be Its costly, you have to have done way too often, and it was intended to help the sick people who actually really need.

I believe when the rich found out they raised the price and became rich from it so when a person who really needs can’t afford it they are Just left out. I would suggest that people who want it done to forget about because spending all that money that you could spend somewhere else is way more important getting rid of wrinkles for a couple months is just a waste when people who have problems really need to have it done. I would tell people not to have the procedure done because why you only have to please yourself and nobody else.

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Botox Usage in Medicine and Beauty Procedures
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