"Bone cook" by Christian Mähr

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“Sudor anglicus” the English sweat, is a highly contagious infectious disease and often to death. The flu-like symptoms – sudden fever, chills, dizziness, palpitations, headache and body aches – accompanied severe anxiety. After the mysterious plague in the 15th century was first detected in England, she gathered thousands of people there, then jumped across the channel to the mainland and spread through France and Germany to Switzerland and Austria. A poor man’s disease, it was not: the Tudor royals were just beaten as the Austrian noble family of the von Seitenstetten Mark Hartsburg/

Although today hardly anyone knows about the former People’s plague, she still makes four.

centuries later a stir. She enters a certain extent in the form of Erasmus of Seitenstetten the inn “Blue Grape” in Dornbirn, and from there it is even with the Vorarlberg Tranquility. meet three words of the baron at his entrance, and even Matthew Spielberger, has the host, the thick faxing – “Howdy, Lumpy”. The nickname “Lumpy” hangs him since sublevels times like a Bazille, and now it springs precisely the mouth of his former classmate Erasmus.

This “idiot” at that time depreciated regularly homework with him. If he now comes all the way from Vienna, surprising and surprise attacks, it must have been very him to hurry with a problem for the solution again Matthew serve must

To introduce Erasmus grants the Matthew -. In history rather disinterested – a little help. In the Battle of Bosworth Field (1485), Henry Tudor (later King Henry VII.) Richard III defeated.

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In the camp more and more soldiers suffering from the previously unknown Schwitzkrankheit and died, including Seitenstettengasse ancestor Ferdinand Erasmus. In the estate of a recently departed uncle Erasmus found a reference to the death of his homonymous ancestors

Now you have to know that the Erasmus in contrast to Matthew -. ‘Pest that from (him) is nothing better become ” – a remarkable career has got off. He is a professor of medical history at the University of Vienna. Although the list of his publications in scientific journals half a meter long, has he come up with something to the academic career boost a little. The financial situation of the university “on Oarsch” position and title he can “in the Hoar schmiern” – individual initiative is needed. In this distress to the researchers, the mouldering bones that Ferdinand Erasmus stretch contrary, that he decrypt their secret using modern DNA analysis. That would be a blockbuster, because the “Sudor anglicus” is still a big mystery.

With its university employees Erasmus may not tackle the project, of course. His assistant Laska, “the Pestfetzen which zwidere” would steal him the results for their own benefit, the others are (mostly female) “unsuitable for practical things. They know all the net where at aner scoop front and hintn is”. This, however, is a basic qualification, because after the ollen bones must first of all be dug out of the family tomb of the noble family in the Vienna Woods. Matthew and a few other villagers can something …

Matthew recruited his best friends (and regular customers), the three retiree Lothar Moosmann (woodcarvers), Franz Josef Blum (accountant) and Dr. Luke Peratoner (chemistry teacher) as research assistants and she swears one of extreme secrecy. Hundred euros per day should pop out for everyone. The very next day, the four allies of the “Spielberger gang” board the morning train to Vienna, where the professor with his amiable Amalie, as well-heeled as eccentric, housed in a dilapidated vibrant city. However, the fine Baroness maintains an intimate extramarital affair for two years. The plans that you lay the husband trust his heart, the infidelity makes unabashedly advantage and prefers to play their own game.

During heavy downpour the conspiratorial gang of five rises in the middle of the night down to the crypt. Unfortunately, they have to learn that they are not alone on the prowl. The competition – two masked and armed men – snatch them away what was left to pick up the time-honored Ferdinand Erasmus/

This takes a turbulent, chaotic tour of the tomb, trench and hunting to take its course, a bone-hard ride with. many characters, scenes and subplots, one mess, adventurous and hard to unravel. The fantasy of the author knows no bounds, and he built the boldest action constructs, so just no incursion into the trash must travel. For example, the converted jihadist Ahmed sits (formerly Alois Praxner) just in a bar of Madrid when he learns at home the story of the corpse robbery in Austria. He immediately recognize the “signs” and creates an action that American think tanks could have sprung: grind the death-bringing Knocherln into powder and sprinkle with the “protection of the Most High” among the infidels …

Despite the threat Jihad, a doomsday scenario in Dornbirn fair Park and furious end to deadly firefight is no really tingling excitement in Christian Mährs “bone cook”. This must not be – after all, it is a home thriller. Without being flat, it retains a charming, down to earth character, especially in the harmless bizarre figures of Dornbirn boys. The Franz Josef is a romantic sailor. If anxiety is his possession, he belts for their own reassurance opera arias. Matthias is haunted by a kind of “precognition”. Dreams, perfect as videos, “in color and 3-D”, show him events of the near future, and the reality is the deja vu.

During the night before the speci surfaced Seitenstetten with him was Matthew had been dreaming again. He clearly heard the distinctive voices of his friends, who marched with spades and hoes through a forest, apparently to little dig. “But what? And why?” Mähr told us and leaves its heroes cheerfully in his native dialect palaver. With few exceptions, also understands every “Piefke” and if need be – “Schpompanadeln” – helps.

As with the genre expected and desired, drop familiar clichés from the sides. Austrian readers will be familiar for generations cultivated Vorarlberg love-hate relationship for Vienna. The snobbish Hicks are either “Vienna fans” or “Vienna haters” – “in between there was nothing.” The “Piefkes” can look for it on page Stetten “urwienerische, baroneske aura of crankiness, joviality and light Trottelei” amuse and enjoy. “Bone cooking” is well-made entertainment from the region, a kind of literary roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut.

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"Bone cook" by Christian Mähr
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