Bible from Point of View Sentimentalism and Naturalist

In that article he took the position that The book of Genesis see human beings as essentially religious beings and, and he went on to argue that the origin of humans themselves is the same time and place of the origin of religious consciousness. This article does not counter his previous point, however it does cover another position he took, stating that the Adam of Genesis 2 was the first religious being on Earth, and has since discovered other points from the Rabbinical tradition that has a strict contrast to his previous beliefs that Genesis 2 was a second creation story.

This article is a piece that he wrote about his reasons for changing his opinion and show that in the Hebrew text of Genesis 2 it does not show Adam and Eve as either the first people of the world, or the ancestors of all humans, and that the New testament actually denies both of those claims.

He covers how the longstanding Rabbinical tradition, as well as the eastern orthodox views both claim to know that Adam and Eve were not created sinless and that the New testament proves that.

This means that their fall from Grace would not be the sole reason they were kicked out of the Garden of eden. The origin of this paper is to show why attempting to read Genesis as a supplier of scientific information is difficult.

Roy goes on to explain that there is two main separations in the christian following. The Fundamentalist and the Naturalist.

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The naturalist’s view the word of Genesis as disreputable science. Roy explains that this gives the scripture too much credit and too little credit at the same time. It’s given too much credit by saying that there is a hypothesis in the texts, and a theory, way long before the idea of a theory having actually existed. The naturalists think that moses was the creator of making a theory and having a hypothesis and and then these ideas disappearing until 625 B.C.E. to be rethought of and publicized by a man named Thales of Miletus.

He claims that in the book of Genesis, instead of offering a hypothesis, this was just ordinary language to the people at the time. Kind of just a describer like we have in our day and age, with the description of the sunrise or a sunset. Moses explains in plain language what they saw, the sky above, the land they stood on, and the sea and its depths. This plain language was “The Heavens”, “The Earth”, and the “The water underneath the Earth”. They had wells at the time, so this was a logical thing to think. It is also far too little to consider the book just a theory because that gives the texts too little credit.

Roy states “…the first fault with the fundamentalist agenda is that instead of reading Genesis 1-12 as part of the covenant with Moses – the part that attaches is to previous covenant editions – they regard it as also providing a scientific account of the origin of the universe and of humans.” In this article Roy argues that these ideas are wrong and have no basis in the text of Genesis. Roy assumes that there is on some level, a reasonable level of common sense that each person had. They may have believed in some questionable reasons for things claiming them to be supernatural because there was not a definite science back in their times. He also explains how you have to use the New Testament to be able to really understand the Old Testament.

To really be able to dive into the meaning of Genesis and all that it ecompasses in the creation, you have to go into a later time period to the writings and teachings of the New testament. He goes on to explain that a good example of this is to look at the belief that God created time. It never explicitly states in the Old Testament that God created it, but if you go further into the Bible to The New Testament, then you can see in Hebrews 1:2 it says that god created the ages of time through Christ, and that God’s plan of setting forth his son to sacrifice himself for us, was a plan created by him “before time of the ages.”

The things the text of Genesis does not say; It never states that Adam or Eve were holy or innocent before their fall from grace by eating that darn apple. The book of Genesis also never says that all humans are descendants of Eve. it says “the mother of all living” but at the time the Bible says this, she hadn’t had either Cane or Abel.

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