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There are 2 types of point of view in After Twenty Years. The story is about loyalty and it is indeed full of passion. It describes how important is the friendships in the human relations. In this story Bob tells us how he faithfully kept his promise to come back to see his friend after twenty years based on a promise the two had made with disregarding the choices they have made in life.

Even though the author did not give us a lot of details in the story it is absolutely twisted carefully written.

I believe it is important to say that the story has a very surprise ending cause I did not expect that the police man would be the friend until the end. The character of the police officer Jimmy remained mysterious throughout the story.

Jimmy respects his friend but respects the law and understands that the law is above everybody. In my opinion as a police man I would not arrest my friend and I would ignore the fact I met him and let this Job done by somebody else when am not around.

The tone of After Twenty Years is sympathetic as the police officer Mommy) is sympathetic towards his friend Bob and is unable to gather guts to arrest him myself so he end up sending a man in a civil dress to arrest his friend out of sympathy.

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In this story the commentary is more dominant than the dialogues because more than half of the story is in the form of commentary as bob tells the police officer Mommy) about him and his friend in the form of commentary. In this story the author wants to reveal the story in third person limited, but one who does not see what is in characters thoughts, they speak for themselves.

First Person Story Example

The purpose of such a point of view is not to reveal everything in the story so easily- it means the tutor wants to keep some suspense it is indeed untraditional story. All in all After Twenty Years is a story about friendship the two friends who were separated by time and have different baths in life. The point of view keeps the reader from knowing the truth until it is time to be revealed, which means complete suspense however it is unrealistic or in another word unbelievable because it rarely happens to arrest your best mate.

The story starts off slowly and as soon as the ambiance is set, I was shown an altogether different side of the characters. The language used by the author does cake some time in getting used to and when I started reading the story I unknowingly become addicted to this author. THANK YOU AMA The first impression I took when I read the story is the women character she is evil because the story starts with a large women walking carrying a bag full of hammers and nails but gradually I start discovering how saintly she is. The women have a leadership character and lead the boy in to a real human being who has good things to offer in life . Believe the first person point view is the women she really has a big effect on e and made me understand that people might have some difficulties in life that make the criminals the way they are and made me realize that we can change people and make them have a better lives. There is only one person point of view in Thank You AMA, which is turning a bad person in too good person by given them much more of what they expect. In the story The narrator is only telling us what happens and what has been said in the form of dialogues but we don’t know what is going on the mind of Mrs..

Jones and roger the protagonist of this story. (Mrs.. Jones) is a strong dad with a soft heart and good feelings she helped the boy (Roger) to get rid of his bad habits and reforms him. At the start of the story, Roger tries to rob Mrs.. Jones. But instead of turning him in to the police, she treats him with understanding and respect. By doing this, she makes him feel like a good person. She makes him want to act and behave, as when he does not steal from her when left alone with her purse. This is a massive gift, and that is why the story has the title it does. The tone of this story is a mixture of sympathy and irony .

At some point she is sympathetic because it alps in reducing the motive behind why humans commit crimes. In showing her sense behemoths behind the boys dilemma and caring for him she has caused him to mirror on his choices and future decisions as she gives him ten dollars to buy clothes for himself, She feeds him with a good supper and gives him a piece of her wisdom. And it is ironic because the boy Roger does not even have enough money to buy shoes for him and has to steal in order to get one. In Thank You AMA the dialogues are more dominant than the commentary because the whole story is narrated in the form of dialogues.

In this story the point of view helps us a lot to know about the authors attitude what the author wants us to think is that what will happen next. After Mrs.. Jones takes the boy Roger home the author wants to raise questions in our mind and he wants to play with our thinking, the purpose of such a point of view is to make the story more interesting and enjoyable to read. It helps in revealing the theme of the story because the narrator is only telling us what is going on and he didn’t tell us what is going on the characters mind therefore we have to guess it.

At the beginning I was thinking why Mrs.. Jones acting this way towards the boy Roger this makes the story more interesting and it really speaks to the boy and to my unconscious mind as a reader. All in all THANK YOU AMA by Longboats Hughes is a story about African-American lady who reforms a boy who tries to steal her purse in to a very important way. She has given him back his integrity, hopes for the future, and teaches him to live with dignity and respect.

At the end I have to say that this entire story is a typical Hughes story which talks about the ethics of African- Americans and their lifestyle. THE TELL TALE HEART There is only one type of point of IEEE in The Tell Tale Heart and that’s the first person point of view. The story was told to unidentified person I believe it is some sort of confession to an authority. The narrator who insists on his sanity after murdering an old man with a vulture eye the crime is carefully planned, and the murderer hides the body by cutting him into pieces and hiding it under the floorboards.

Obviously the illusions that the mans heart is still beating under the floorboards is a major feeling in the murder mind. The relationship between the old man and the murderer is kind of vague. Am issuing the old man might be a relative, or whether the narrator works for the old man, possibly his vulture eye tell us some sort of veiled secret. The mystery and lack of information and details about the characters stand in stark contrast to the specific plot details leading up to the murder.

The first person point of view is what makes the story so chilling and interesting. In the beginning of the story the narrator says and insists that he is not mad but as the story progresses his insane view gives the audience a disturbing look into the mind of a mad person and adds to the authors verbal haunting. The tone of this story is sympathetic because the murderer is sympathetic towards the old man he(Murderer)says in one line I loved the old man he had never wronged me for his gold I had no desire I think that it was his eye.

The only thing he hated was his eye and the only reason why he killed the old man. In this story commentary is more powerful because the first person narrates the whole story in the form of commentary. The point of view in this story tells us that the author wants to tell the story through one of the characters the purpose in using such a point of view in the story is to create a effect of horror, like when the narrator (Murderer) keeps saying that he is not mad he creates a sense of horror and suspense about the characters.

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