Basquiat Was an Outsider in NY Art Scene

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Basquiat’s was fascinated with galleries and saw that it was important to commodify his labor and capitalize on his image. This fact leads us to think of Many pieces of art today have a Basquiat quality to them. He was an outsider in the new York art scene which was and still belongs to dominant white males.

Basquiat had to a framework as an artist of color and develop counterstrategies because he was inherently disadvantaged. He tried really hard to be an insider in a world which he knew he did not belong to.

Words with rationalized association. He did not have a single sense of identify and hand many sources of artistic inspiration.

Studying gray’s anatomy. Art discouses and readings of race. African Police represent racial supremacy and black inferiority. A threat to minorities, people of color. Piece lacks balance and proportion Racial equality and discrimination. Ideological significance His employment of the medium of paint and graffiti. Looking for acknowledgement as a painter.

Seen as a form of power. Conceptions of blackness. Of course artistic success was important to him. The use of words and phrases. The words are blurry but this makes you want to read them. His relationship with wealth and money.

His brand has withstood the test of time. American Art Industry. Recognized as a legitimate contender in the world of contemporary art. Racial tensions and movement. He was trying to support the fight for equality for all people of color. He wanted his audience to see the inequality experience by his people.

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Injustice and suffering. Representation of himself inside art culture. The art scene needed an artist of color to give it legitimacy. He wanted to be a mainstream artist. He did not want to be a black artist. He had perhaps self-hatred towards his blackness. He had few black friends, most of his friends were white.

Basquiat’s race labeled him as an outsider. He wanted to prove he was equal to White men. Both artistically and intellectually. Exhibit the white narrative Racial identity and its implications and awareness. Racially black American. Shared vision. Artistic practice Artistic imagination Owning his freedom Stereotypes society imposes projects on people of color Racist policies and activities implemented by a White government.

Misrepresented in the media and painted by being diseased, addictics, and aggressive, Black masculinity seen as an identity in crisis. His owe project racial injustices suffered by communities of color. The role artmaking played in his life. Enriched our experiences An important historical art figure Unconscious racialization through his art work. Discourse around black art. Colonizing whiteness. Brilliant misguided and misunderstood.

Basquiat’s race, sociological opposition Born and residing in New York, made Basquiat was a priviledged artist. Basquiat’s art shows a process of identity formation.Artistic language is reflected in his art. Art production of Basquiat is explicated in his work.

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