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Graffiti: Art or Vandalism
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Graffiti has the capacity to effectively encapsulate the sentiments of the oppressed in war with its integration of form and function, acting as a protest against a dissatisfied and disinterested world. Graffiti, as a universally accessible tool for the impoverished and marginalized, is the vehicle to understand the intersection of visual media and the soldier’s experience in war, as both the perpetrator and the victim, through their respective parallels. As both graffiti and the war experience are decontextualized, the content…...
How Activism Is Important
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Activism is important because it raises awareness of problems in our world. Activism is important because it saves animals' lives, solves world problems and raises awareness and makes people stand up for what’s right. Around 150 to 200 animals go extinct every day and they are dying rapidly because of poaching and hunting. But a few kids are making the biggest difference. In this chapter, you will learn what activism is and examples of activists and how activism is important.…...
Healthcare System-Elderly Services
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Demographics The population of Sentinel City has a population totaling 663,862. The age percentage population of Sentinel City for ages 5 and under is estimated at 5.6%. Ages 18 years and under is estimated at 18.9% and for ages 65 years and over is estimated 11.8%. As to race percentage, Whites are at 52.7%, Hispanics at 31.5%, African Americans at 10.4%, Asians at 3.7%, and followed by Pacific Islanders at 2.0%. The median household income of Sentinel City is $49,091…...
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Exit Through the Gift Shop
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Within the film, Exit Through the Gift Shop by Banksy, the illustration of street art and personal expression allowed for individual interpretation of creativity and a passion for emotional connection. Banksy, within the context of the film, for example, is a renowned graffiti artist, whose global recognition of his work leads him to highlight his artwork within a public setting, further communicating with others in an attempt to offer a variety of viewpoints and questions outside of media (Apple Inc.…...
FilmGraffitiMovie Review
Basquiat Was an Outsider in NY Art Scene
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Basquiat’s was fascinated with galleries and saw that it was important to commodify his labor and capitalize on his image. This fact leads us to think of Many pieces of art today have a Basquiat quality to them. He was an outsider in the new York art scene which was and still belongs to dominant white males. Basquiat had to a framework as an artist of color and develop counterstrategies because he was inherently disadvantaged. He tried really hard to…...
Drug Abuse and the Creations of a Genius Mind
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Psychosis, depression, paranoia, paralysis, introversion. Effects that result from the constant and religious use of drugs, yet the use of them sees no end in our society. Why? It could be from the way it has been normalized for decades by our role models, rockstars, artists, and so on. We always hear about the bad and the ugly that comes from drug abuse, but what if without it we wouldn't have some of the inspirations we have today? What if…...
ArtDrug AbuseDrugsGraffitiJean Michel Basquiat
Graffiti and Signs Gangs Use It as Language
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Gang delinquency is on the rise in the United States. Juveniles account for 19% of the population but are being held responsible for 29% of criminal acts. Gangs can be identified as a stand out group based on tattoos, clothing, or jewelry. For gangs, the more members they have the more territory they have. One problem all major cities have in common is gangs, most in which are made up of juveniles who are just looking for trouble. Many members…...
Gangs In AmericaGraffitiUnited States
Broken Windows Theory and Graffiti
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Picture a secure neighborhood in which families care for their homes, children, and property. If this well-kept neighborhood is suddenly home to an abandoned house with overgrown weeds and a broken window, the picturesque community is no longer quite as perfect. Suddenly and slowly, the stable community will begin to wane, and more broken windows will appear. Aside from broken windows, petty and violent crime will also appear. An area such as this is now prone to criminal activity and…...
Broken Windows TheoryGraffiti
Art is an expression of feelings or ideas that can change people’s
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Art is an expression of feelings or ideas that can change people’s way of thinking. As the saying goes - “A picture speaks a thousand words”. An artwork can form lasting impressions on people and potentially change their viewpoint. Art broadens our thinking by exposing us to issues and events that we may not be aware of. It can also help us see things from a different perspective.Many artists use their work to promote an agenda or to raise awareness…...
ArtChangeClimate ChangeGoalsGraffitiLife
Paleolithic Art
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The following sample essay on "Paleolithic Art": a description and discussion of the problem of art during the Paleolithic era. When we look at art what do we see, lines, imagery, references, details? But we if we take a closer look at the overarching meaning of art, we can see that art is an embodiment of a time period. Certain pieces of art regardless of the time period represents what is most important. During the Paleolithic era there was one…...
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How Activism Is Important
...This shows me that activism is good because it raises awareness of problems in our world because it can save animals' lives and solve world problems lastly it raises awareness and makes people stand up for what's right. Now that you know why activism...
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