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The team of physicists involved with the creation of the atomic bomb realized issues that could potentially lead to many negative outcomes shortly. President Truman was assigned the agenda to end the war with Japan as soon as possible. Armed with this information, President Truman ordered the immediate use of the bomb on the Japanese population. Historical documents and reports. Atomic Archive. (2015)

What were President Truman’s true intentions for the bomb’s use after it was completed?

President Truman had been advised by the bomb’s creators concerning potential uses for this new form of energy source, military applications, and acceleration of the global arms race.

The final decision might have been his own in the end, but was this really what he wanted for the country, or was this decision made via “Roosevelt’s Ghost”? I have been trying to approach this project with the physicists as a determining component of Truman’s decision. They were merely a cog in the clock of a process, and who’s going to head the warnings from an inanimate object?

After finally tapping into nuclear energy, the United States exerted that newfound power upon the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

After realizing the underestimation of its destruction, the United States and Japan agree to disarm themselves of nuclear power in the military arena.

Why would these nations agree to a treaty that would only drive them to covertly continue their work in military nuclear applications?

The United States and Japan would find practical uses for the new energy source that would promote world peace, strengthen free commerce between them, create international policies, and improve public welfare.

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Under the guise of peace, these two countries generated revenue and manufactured policies, to continue the arms race behind the scenes.

During the 1940s the world as we know, it fell under siege of World War II. Japanese forces sink the U.S.S. Indianapolis and launches a brutal air campaign on Pearl Harbor. The United States would return in kind by seizing control over the city of Okinawa, and a mounted assault on the Island of Iwo Jima. (U.S. Timeline, 1940-1949 – America’s Best History) So even before the dropping of the bomb, to say that tensions were high between both nations would be a severe understatement. The primary sources I’ve chosen speak to the possible options that were either implemented or ignored in President Truman’s decision to bomb Japan. Reading over these selected sources compelled me to slightly skew my view from science and technology, to more of a governmental stance.

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