Architecture as the Important Source of Inspiration for Fashion

Architecture is an important source of inspiration for fashion. Architecture has a great deal in common with fashion, therefore, making it an excellent source for inspiration. “They both protect and shelter, while also providing a means to express identity, whether it is personal, political, religious or cultural” (Seivewright, 2012). Ideas for fashion can be taken from historical or modern architecture Fashion conveys a period of time and shows the interests of the time period, just as costume design. “Like costume, architecture can express period trends and has often linked itself with social interests, as well as changes in technology, in particular the use of new materials and production techniques”.

  Many current runway designs are taking a clear steer toward architectural influences “With the move toward minimalism, Apparel Search recognizes that clean lines, structure, and sharp-edged angles are being incorporated into many of today’s fashion”.

Modern architecture is taking on more sharp edges and defined lines, which can also be viewed in today’s fashion.

Many designers have been gathering inspiration from architects. They have reviewed and studied the structure of these architects to bring new, innovating ideas into the fashion realm, “Italian duo Dolce & Gabbana have mined the ancient ruins of Sicily for countless collections, while Miuccia Prada’s longstanding relationship with OMA has produced some of the weirdest, most exhilarating runway and retails experiences in the past two decadesichanging and shaping the way we consume and think about fashion” (Laneri, 2013). Fashion takes on the challenge of creating something wearable as a garment from inspiration that is built to be stable and immobile.

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Architecture may be found in fashion in the subtlest ways and in the most obvious as well, Architecture and fashion have always been related, but it is modern fashion that takes on a more drastic turn. It has become more evident in the fashion world the influence that architecture has.

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