Archaeology Interpretation of Hasta Lavista and Tacos

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Archaeology Interpretation of Hasta Lavista and Taco’s

The available evidence that was discovered in the site of Hasta Lavista and Taco’s seems to suggest that the people of Tacos were conquered, and possibly enslaved by the people from Hasta Lavista. Common knowledge tells us that ancient cultures used to build many architectural structures to worship and appease their gods. It also tells us that the role of religion and politics are intertwined, especially in pre-historic societies. Hasta Lavista contains the Pyramid of the Sun as well as a smaller pyramid.

This reveals that religion and politics were prominent in this area.

The Jaguar heads that were found in the Pyramid of the Sun must be symbolic since they are inside a religious feature. The same Jaguar figurine was found in the 3rd level of the strata at tacos, which leads me to believe that the people of Tacos were visited by Hasta Lavista, conquered by them, and then forced to adopt some of their religious customs.

Contrary to Hasta Lavista, Tacos showed no evidence of stone buildings, which says that the people form Hasta Lavista were probably the conquistadors and not the ones conquered. In Tacos there were stone axes, hoes, cassava graters, and gourd seeds found in all levels. This suggests that they were agriculturalists and were possibly forced into slave labor: working to make food, storing it in red ware pottery, and then transporting them to Hasta Lavista. Evidence of this is found in the red sherds that are found in level A at Hasta Lavista.

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The date for this conquering is still a little fussy because the strata in level 3 at Tacos, where the jaguar figurine was found, has not been dated. Based on the red ware from Tacos that is found in the lower part of level A at Hasta Lavista, I would guess that the date would range from 900 to 1200 A.D., but until this gap in the evidence is filled, we won’t know. While the conquering of Tacos is my conclusion, the idea that Tacos and Hasta Lavista were neighbors who just simply traded with one another is also a plausible one.

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