Applying Writing Styles


This paper explores different types of writing based on a chosen case study on common core. A simple message related to the case study is communicated. Three written communications are created for three different audiences, identified in this paper. Each communication is presented by using the appropriate writing style for the context. This paper explains why different types of writing are appropriate when addressing different types of audiences.


Teaching effectively is a common goal all teachers wish to accomplish.

Common Core State is a set of standards adopted by many states. These standards are used to reform the K-12 curriculum. Every educator has been affected by the change because they’re required to implement CCSS in their classroom. The goal is to make sure that students are college and career ready after graduating from high school. However, Common Core does not meet some of the needs of Special Education students and lacks effective professional development.

Blog Post What Common Core Standards Mean for Special Education Students

The Common Core & The Special Education Student

Common Core Standards are meant to be more challenging and they are.

But this challenge has educators wondering what it means for special education students. After all, these students already perform below grade level. Some educators have argued that students with learning disabilities should not have the same standards as general education students.

However, with instructional support and the proper accommodations, some teachers believe CCSS gives SPED students an opportunity to finally learn the same rigor as their peers.

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For teachers to implement standards effectively -it’s going to take dedication from both general and SPED teachers. These instructional strategies and accommodations must be provided by both teachers:

  • Classroom support (e.g., Sped teacher in the general classroom)
  • Instructional support (e.g., unpack standards, strategies, review IEPs)
  • Administration support (e.g., professional developments, data review, observations)

In conclusion, if teachers collaborate and implement instructional strategies and accommodations, the students will benefit.

Letter to the Editor: Issues with the Common Core Target Audience Stakeholders

Concerns with Common Core State Standards Implementation

Common Core State Standards is a way to reform K-12 education in ELA and Mathematics. The standards were created by: governors, commissioners of education, and executive officials, and educators. The goal is to make sure students are college and career ready. There’s been controversy since 2008 when CCSS was first released. The frustration that educators faced was not based on the goal of CCSS, but on the implementation.

More issues Regarding Education Reform

Implementing new standards will not fix the challenges that educators are faced with. Some of the challenges educators have faced include a lack of resources that support standards, assessments aligned to CCSS, professional developments, and adequate funding. Lastly, it will take more than new standards when reform education. If all of these challenges are fixed, then maybe governors, commissioners, and executive officials would see a positive change in the education system.

Educational Journal Target audience is K-12 Administrators

Effective Professional Development of Teachers

Education reform is the goal of changing public education. Policymakers and stakeholders have made many efforts to improve education by determining what children should learn and the way it’s taught. Teachers are a part of education reform because they are the ones who implement the change in their classrooms. For teachers to be effective in the classroom, they have to be properly trained.

What Consists of Effective Professional Development

The best practices in professional development include (a) content and school-based, (b) coaching, (c) collaboration, and (d) modeling and practices. Effective professional development enables teachers to actively initiate and carry out research in their schools and classrooms (Nishimura, 2014). An important component of professional development involves observations, ongoing feedback, and collaboration with other teachers to plan lessons, differentiate instruction, and review student data. It is difficult to implement change, but research shows that effective professional development is the key to success in the classroom.

In conclusion, it is appropriate to have different writing styles for different audiences. Based the audience, will determine the content that’s going to be in the writing. The tone should match the content. When the correct writing style is used, then the audience will be more engaged when reading the writing.

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