Anne Hutchinson as a Threat to the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Anne Hutchinson was a threat to Massachusetts Bay Colony. She was a Puritan that fought for her religious rights in America, causing trouble for the Puritan Clergy in Massachusetts because of her theology. Her and he husband, Will Hutchinson, moved with the migration from England to America with their twelve children. There she fought for her religious rights against John Winthrop who became Governor making her situation very difficult. Governor John Winthrop had this colony run by civil and religious laws and Hutchinson comes into to mock his ministry and gets people to follow her especially women, creating a major threat for Massachusetts Bay Colony’s Governor John Winthrop.

John Winthrop started this Puritan run community in Massachusetts. He migrated a somewhat 14,000 people from England to the colonies, all of them Christian and all of them Puritan. Winthrop gets every one together and connects them, “In which respect oenly though wee were absent from eache other many miles,”l he makes these people believe that they are connected through their Christianity.

This gathers them together to follow him as well as listen to him. He is almost like their connection to god and a safe afterlife. He creates the reason that they are never disconnected from another Christian as long as they are Christian. Winthrop decided he wanted the colony to be governed by both civil and religious law.

He felt that the Church of England did not practice the law of what it preached and wanted to make that clear in Massachusetts.

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So now the Puritan task of living is straight out of the gospel in Massachusetts Bay Colony. These people are a Covenant, a Covenant of Grace, meaning as long as they are forgiven they will have external life after death. This is what Winthrop practices with his people. Then Anne Hutchinson comes in as a threat to Winthrop’s Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony by saying he is going against his own practice. Anne Hutchinson and her theology mocked the ministers of Winthrop’s ministry. She claimed, according to Governor Winthrop that “they were not able ministers of the New Testament,” saying that they talked about the Covenant or Work and not the Covenant of Grace.

Making the ministry set up by Winthrop look poor and making it look like he was not following his plan. Winthrop took action right away and had her put under house arrest to take away his threat. She had become a major threat because people began to follow along with her, listen to her and preach the same things she was saying. This makes Winthrop look like a fake and can shut down the government that he has been trying to organize.

Trail was completely unfair for Hutchinson right away she called out because she “troubled the peace of the common wealth and the churches”2 in Massachusetts Bay Colony. No person in the trial had Hutchinson’s theology besides her, in order to completely get rid of the threat to the Puritan rule. Things were said like “three years ago we were all in peace”2 blaming her for disrupting the piece for speaking her opinion. Six ministers were also brought up to say the she was preaching that they were teaching the Covenant of Works and not the Covenant of Graces. Hutchinson had no chance at winning this battle. After a long trial Anne Hutchinson was finally banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The Puritans sought Anne Hutchinson as a threat to their community. She mocked the ministers and started to get people to follow along with her. This made her very dangerous in the area of Massachusetts and for Winthrop and his way of living. She was no other than a threat to him but this does not mean that she was not right. She was very dangerous to the Massachusetts Bay Colony but may not have been wrong about her theology.

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