Social Status of Old Women in The Alchemist?

Is the old women that helped Santiago poor? Since it mentioned that she has to live off what her daughters provide her with. In my opinion I think she is poor as she living with the proceeds that her daughters give her. And to me, she does not seem to be as a trustworthy teller as she gave blank and bad answers to Santiago and asked for a good portion of the treasure if Santiago can ever find it. People are generally like the Baker because it is almost like the safe option, the Baker puts things off for later, the Candy Seller puts everything you have into a dream.

I think that Santiago‘s experience as a Shepherd can help out extremely with with his journey to Egypt and to find this mysterious treasure he is trying to look for.

He is aware of his surroundings and has is aware of nature and has skills of survival with not having much at all.

In my opinion, Santiago is proud of a number of things in his life, starting with his decision to follow his love of travel and become a shepherd. Santiago’s parents have worked hard to provide an education for him and wanted him to become a priest but obvious did not as he wanted to travel and therefore became a Shepherd. Santiago is proud of the choices he’s made and is motivated to discover this confusing treasure journey. It is confusing because as far as I know, this treasure in Egypt could not even be in Egypt, or if it was all a dream.

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Santiago did not need to go on to meet with the Gypsy, because he almost already knew that the treasure was in Egypt, but the Gypsy asked for one third of the treasure it Santiago ever found it, and in Santiago‘s mind he’s thinking like “Oh man this must be real if she’s providing this type of reassurance”. I think that throughout the first part in the book, Santiago is very self determined and likes doing what he wants and what he puts his mind to do. Santiago gets this dream about treasure in Egypt and goes to a Gypsy to see if she can tell him what he already know if not something new. Later on, he sees the King of Salem, who then gives Santiago stones.

In my opinion, I’m not sure if the stones necessarily work. since the King wants Santiago to determine choices on his own and look for the omens to guide himself to his journey to Egypt. Santiago pursues his dream and for every individual he meets with, he learns new lessons from each and grows mentally and gives him a new perspective on life throughout the story. I’ve also realized that Santiago has been learning from others as he always thinks back to the words of the King.

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