An Introduction to the Showing of the Human Evolution in a Museum

Nowadays, people in growing number are coming to realize that they have the desire of seeing what their ancestors like. So as a museum curator, it goes without saying that I would love to set up a section in the museum for them in order to give people a better understanding of how things work back then, which in this case, I cannot think of anything that is better than the Lascaux Cava to illustrate the clues to the lives, culture, language and myths of Paleolithic society.

I have chosen several examples from the cave to demonstrate the life of Paleolithic people.

First, Paleolithic people are always have to keep on the move in pursuit of the animals herds that they depended on for food, but no transportation is a big problem to them. So instead of bringing a whole truckload of weapons, they decide to keep it portable, they use blades. So I decide to put ASSAGAI at the front, it is also a very cool thing to check out.

Unlike those blades nowadays, the blades are made out of stones, wood or bones at that time. The key feature of the blade manufacture is the method of chipping stones to create a chopping edge. They use it to kill for example mammoths and then they store their awards in the cave. (The Lascaux cave, Parietal art: Portable objects.)

Second, as the cave paintings go back several chambers into rock, light must have been brought into the cave. Paleolithic people have manifested the ability control fire.

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They need light. The chef reason why they need light is not only that they need it inside the cave, but outside. They need it to walk during nights, they need it to protect themselves from animals. They cannot live without light.

So in the cave, I find portable lights in the form of torches, Altamira. It is still made out of bones, filled with bone marrow. They burned it in order to get light. But the flame is somewhat unstable. (The Lascaux cave, Parietal art: lighting.) Finally, Paleolithic man lives very close to nature, being really a natural creature himself. Instead of having advanced technology, it is more likely that they use basic raw materials. Yet differences will be found thats why I feel that it is so important to mention it. on the walls of the cave, there are painting all over the place and they used raw materials to paint them indeed.

Although elements are limited, they have chosen their pigments carefully. Mostly, they use iron and manganese oxides to paint on the walls. I think that it is the best way to represent their culture and the way to communicate. (The Lascaux cave, Parietal art: raw materials.) Taking into account all these factors, we may safely reach the conclusion that this period of time is the emergence of art of the prehistory people from a strictly lifestyle, also it offers evidence of how the human brain is developing over the centuries.

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