An Introduction to the Cruel Method of the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Women that undergo female genital mutation (FGM) can have many effects on their lives such as physical, sexual, and psychological. Phy’s physical facts of genital mutation can lead to death. While mutilation is being carried out the women suffer through severe pain, can go into shock, start to hemorrhage or bleed profusely, and serious damage to the clitoris and labia can occur. After the mutilation is completed the women may encounter serious infections from their urine or menstrual cycle being retained in the wounds.

Also, the use of the same instrument aware used on other cells and not sterilized can cause the spread of HIV even after all the pain and discomfort of the mutation the women then have to go through the extreme pain and discomfort from the chronic infections, irregular bleeding, abscesses (sores) and. small benign tumors of the nerve, which can result from clitoridectomy and excision. Some serious Long-term effects that are caused by FGM would include chronic urinary tract infections, sexual rigidity, genital malformation, delayed menarche, stones in the bladder and urethra, kidney damage, reproductive tract infections resulting from obstructed menstrual flow, pelvic infections, infertility, excessive scar tissue, keloid raised, irregularly shaped, progressively enlarging scars), and dermoid cysts.

Women who have had FGM and having their first sexual intercourse will have to go through gradual and painful dilation of the opening eft after mutation. This is a big ordeal for some women because of how painful and dangerous it’s. If the woman has to be cut open intercourse is found to remain painful fr some women.

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Even when sexual intercourse s not painful the removal of the clitoris decreases the experience of sexual pleasure and orgasm. In a study in Sudan, “15% of women interviewed reported cutting is necessary before intercourse can take place.” Their husband’s unskilful cutting has also seriously damaged new wives: the lasting damage of FGM leaves the women at high risk of HIV transmission. An entire range of obstetric complications can occur in mutated women. The fetus faces the risk of being exposed to a range of infectious diseased as well as facing the risk of having his or her head crushed in the damaged birth canal. Because of this women who have been tightly closed and are on the verge of giving birth will have to be cut again to Prevent perineal tears or obstructed labor. After giving birth women are often re-sewn to make themselves “tight for their husbands.

Psychologica illnesses related to genital mutilation have been reported though it is only a small number. Females that have been mutilated have shown feelings of anxiety, terror, humiliation, and betrayal, the long-term effects will hurt for the rest of their lives. The shock and trauma of the operation have suggested that “the operation may contribute to the behavior described as “calmer” and “docile”, considered positive in societies that practice female mutilation.” Other psychological effects that are caused are the feeling of being accepted by the society since she has upheld the traditions and now is eligible for marriage.

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