A First Conviction For Female Genital Mutilation In London

This case of female mutilation, published by the New York Times identifies that in August 2017, a London resident mother aged 37 years undergoes female circumcision of her 3-year-old daughter and plots that it is as a result of an accident. It was found that the accused was an African mother who was born in Uganda where the practice is not allowed too. According to the prosecutor Lynette Woodrow, she finds the act to be so inhuman and primitive in the current era.

This has been a battle for the whole world to fight against female genital mutilation. Also, the practice of female genital mutilation became illegal in 1985, in Britain. Hence, the prosecution of the 37-year-old woman was the first case to be evident in London and used as an example both in London and to the rest of the world. ‘Female genital mutilation/cutting in Italy: an enhanced estimation for first-generation migrant women based on 2016 survey data.’ BMC public health 18, no. In general, female genital cutting has been evident especially in African countries, it was believed to be one of the cultural practices on most women.

According to this practice, it is found that over 200 million women around the world are victims of female genital cutting. Through this, it has raised more concerns in all nations to stop the FGM practice. Concerning FGM practices, it is found that the victims experience many effects both physically, emotionally, in society, and psychologically. For example, most women who are victims of female genital mutilation experience health effects.

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Some of the commonly reported cases include PTSD, feeling of anxiousness, social alienation, feeling guilty, and other victims committing suicide. It is evident that the majority of the female who has undergone FGM whether old or young, are so depressed. Most of them have effects similar to those of victims of sexual molestation.

Most victim women who have attained education have the most effects. The more they get older, the more nightmare keeps haunting their minds. As a result, there are many cases of PTSD experienced by these victims today. This is a result of many sources, people, and nations talking about the impacts of FGM. This leads to the feeling of anxiety that leads to the social separation of victims. From the response of some victims, it was identified that when the matter is discussed, it keeps haunting the victim’s mind. It leads to fresh memories, feeling ashamed, and leading to some victims committing suicide. Also, some victims have reported cases of genital pains. The ordeal has serious damages to the female genitalia. Most hospitals have received many patients at their doors concerning complications from FGM practice. As a result, some individuals have to be conducted more surgeries to correct the menace. Also, without treatment, it leads to the deaths of most victims. Research identifies that most victims hide from society. This leads to the increased fatal cases whereby it becomes hard for the victims to appear to the hospital as a result of strong cultural beliefs, fear of the community, and feeling of their community betrayal.

Furthermore, FGM has an impact on the victims in terms of spousal relationships and family relationships. Victims of FGM have been found to lack normal human feelings, especially during sexual intercourse. The main agenda of FGM is to remove the sensitive parts of female genitalia. As a result, it leads to most women becoming dormant during sexual activity. This leads to the lack of sexual connections between the husband and wife. Also, some victims’ ordeal leads to the narrowing of the genitalia, this leads to the feeling of more pain during sexual activities both to the husband and wife. Moreover, some couples become ashamed of each other, the husband feels shy about what they see. FGM leads to victims being ugly due to the cutting of the genitalia.

Many problems arise in the spousal relationship among individuals that are victims of FGM. Hence, it leads to most husbands leaving their spouses with the urge to find more pleasure. This leads to the victims being affected emotionally. More so, female genital mutilation leads to increased impacts on family relationships. The memory of genital mutilation remains fresh in the victim’s mind. In most cases, it is found that most family members are responsible to hold the victims during the ordeal. This changes everything whereby, despite the victims’ healing, they will never trust their family members who were involved in holding them tight during the cutting. Some victims decide to leave their homesteads to go live with strangers whom they learn to trust than their family. Also, FGM leads to the feeling of being too close to their family, especially individuals who have gone through the ordeal or alienating those who have abandoned the ordeal. This leads to breaking the family bonds especially elders and people who resisted the practice.

Therefore, it is mandatory to implement a specific law in each country to punish individuals who participate in these practices. Concerning the physical, mental, social, emotional, and many effects of the victims, this should be stopped and advised comprehensively individuals who are victims already. The rule should be to find all living individuals who conducted the ordeal with no consideration of the time of the incidence. This can lead to controlled measures of practicing FGM both in London, America, and the rest of the world. This is a case published by the New York Times in the year 2018, June 4 in Washington DC. According to the author, Adam Liptak, it was found that a cake baker refused to bake a cake to two gentlemen. The reason was, they needed a wedding cake for their gay marriage that is planned to happen soon. According to the baker’s allegations, he plots that him baking the cake means he supports gay marriage and uses his baking business to spread the message.

He adds more clarification that according to his religion, it discourages gay culture, and hence, he will be disobeying his religion by baking the cake for the gay couple. The gay couple becomes so agitated complaining that the baker lacks respect for their human rights.  Also, they believe the baker uses his business to discriminate against humanity’s freedom. This leads them to fill the baker for the matter. According to the persecutor’s reports, they state that the baker was not wrong by the fact that he has the freedom to be loyal to his religion. Instead, the baker is warned to work on customer relationships by not being hostile. The focus is not on the gay issue as reported by the gay couple. Besides, the court states that the law of Colorado is responsible for protecting both individuals including gay couples to have free access to the required goods and services in equal proportions.

First and foremost, Colorado states law on gay marriage was implemented in the year 2014, July 9th. Before then, gay marriage in America was termed an illegal practice. Most court rulings concerning same-sex marriage were abolished. Most individuals believed it is against religious practices, against humanity, and was not allowed socially. As a result, more cases have been continuously prosecuted until 2014 when the law to allow same-sex marriage was allowed. This has led to the rise of many issues in America concerning same-sex issues. Some of the commonly reported cases include discrimination, abandonment, restriction to some of the public goods and services, religious factors, and same-sex sexual molestation cases.

Currently, America is facing more cases mostly by individuals engaging in same-sex being wronged by people in society at an alarming rate. Also, there are several demonstrations conducted concerning same-sex rights in America. This has involved both societies, communities, work institutions, and education institutions. As a result, the issue is still sensitive and each individual wants their rights to be considered. Unfortunately, the current president, Donald Trump is against the rule and he is sometimes seen discriminating against the practice of same-sex marriage. This is so contradicting as compared to the retired president, Barrack Obama who was the first to implement the rights to same-sex in America. As a result, Colorado states of law uses the rights to same-sex marriage to protect the same-sex couple in many factors. For example, individuals from same-sex marriage have equal rights, freedom, and access to free public goods and services.

As a result, most regions in Colorado have accepted the practice and culture of same-sex marriages. This is evident by most people of the same sex marrying in public with splash weddings. Socially, most individuals are seen walking freely while engaging in the sweet moments opposite-sex couples do. This has raised social confusion among American society such that, until then, some cultures, religions, groups have not accepted same-sex freedom. Most people will always feel it be a wrong practice. America is comprised of mixed culture people, each multitude comprises more than three different tribes and cultural beliefs. As a result, it becomes hard to implement a simple law and be accepted by society.

According to the case study 2, the argument is on each individual’s civil rights being considered. For the case of the two gentlemen who wished to be baked a cake for their gay marriage, they feel their civil rights have been violated. In this case, the law of Colorado states amended the rights to protect individuals who wish to engage in a same-sex marriage, relationship, and so forth. As a result, the law aimed at giving equal opportunities to people without limiting those in a same-sex relationship. This involves freedom to work freely for the state, freedom in society, and freedom to worship too. With this in mind, the couple feels their freedom to make a purchase of cake from the baker was violated. Unfortunately, the baker has the right to protect his religious norms too. Concerning this case, it shows how challenging in terms of society, and to the state, the practice of same-sex marriage is in America and the rest of the world.

The decision of the court ruling in favor of the baker was a tough choice too. The baker strongly believes in his religion and the court realizes that too. Instead, they realize that the only mistake caused by the baker is treating his customers with hostility. Also, the court promises to protect the rights of a same-sex couple in America and promises to prosecute with harsh penalties individuals who will violate same-sex marriage rights. Although all parties not being satisfied, the court decides to rule in favor of the baker and assumes the case to be a minor issue in society.


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A First Conviction For Female Genital Mutilation In London
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