An Essay on the Benefits of Public Speaking

Imagine, for a moment, that human beings could not speak. Imagine that they could not communicate ideas about science, current events, and topics as mundane as the weather. It is only then that one can understand the benefits of social communication, especially public speaking. A long time before people were able to read or write, or record stories and events with the aid of machines, they were able to speak and communicate with each other. Communication and public speaking are perhaps the most important of human traits.

If people could not communicate, how could they pass stories down to each other through the generations, exchange information and experiences? And, if they could not pass down information from generation to generation, how could the human race evolve at all? Think of it- if one generation could not teach the next, the human race would never be able to evolve or change, but would be forced to repeat the same experiences over and over again, making the same mistakes. We base so much of our understanding about the world upon what has come before us, it is impossible to even imagine how we could have gotten to this point in history.

Just like the old saying goes, If humanity does not learn from the past, it is destined to repeat the past. As far as public speaking goes, all groups of people and all societies must have a leader, or leaders, who are able to voice their opinion and connect their people together.

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For example, in America, senators and representatives must be good public speakers because it is their job to represent and speak the minds of the people.

The reason we communicate is simple- to take an active part in our society, families, and in the world around us. It is human nature to want to talk to one another and express new ideas and feelings. Speech is the fastest, most instant form of expression that we have. When we dont agree with something, we speak up about it. When an individual speaks to a group, he has the power to motivate those people to do tremendous things. Martin Luther King had the power to motivate hundreds of thousands of people to fight racism and battle for equality. On the other hand, Adolph Hitler was able to motivate an entire nation to go to war.

The spoken word is a powerful force indeed. Before I took this class, I had not realized the importance of public speaking, not to mention the importance of simple everyday communication. Now, the importance of good public speaking has become abundantly clear. My major is restaurant management, and I understand now how important it will be to be able to give orders and provide good leadership once I have entered the job market.

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