An Essay on Generation Gap and the Technological developments and Inveniions of Mass Media

Topics: Generation Gap

In the modern world. There are many needs of people. Not only these needs differ from previous ages but also number of needs related areas accumulates day by day. As a result of these changes it is very normal for human kind to think and behave much more different than before. Differences in ideas and attitudes of different ages can be defind as generation gap .It is obvious that generation gap results from technological developments and inventions in mass media.

First of all it is obvious that technologicial developments and its comman usage dramaticaly and quickly change traditional ideas and social behaviours.

For example:fifty years ago in Turkey while it was neccessary to write a letter to a friend to contact with him Today it is enough to make a short telefone(spl) call. Talking over webcam is superseding visiting families/ brings families together. Besides habits of shopping, holiday and entertainment world are at the very different point then previous age due to technological developments As a result older people and young people have different points of view for life time.

With the evulotin of digital technology the role of mass media has been changed at a quick pace. Mass media has the potential to play a by(spl) role in developing a culture on its followers.For instiance(spl) from facebook to twitter new ideas,new life styles and many many thinngs spreads along countries, pass beyond boundries and penetrates in to new brains. Since teenagers are much more open to all views than adult and old people because of that mass media shows its effects especially on new brains therefore by the time the gap between old and new generations expand faster and faster.

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To sum up all of these factors/ points to the fact that(unnecessary)/ lead to the main reasons of todayl’s generation gap which are generally consists caused by technological developments and complex interaction between the media and young society. These factors must be taken into account while talking about generation gap.

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