An Overview of the Generation Gap Between Parents and Children

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Generation gap between parents and children

Generation gap is the major reason today why parents and children are moving away from each other. As we all know, the environment has changed, so has the life style and with that changes the mind of children. Todays generation doesnt like others interfering in any of their personal matters, they dont like parents ordering them, and if they try and tell them whats wrong for them, they misbehave with their parents. The question arises that, what is the reason behind all this.

It is the parents mistake or is it cause of the generation gap. Generation gap is basically created by the people themselves. They dont talk to their children and share their own points of views with the children. The point is that the parents are just so busy with their work and jobs that they dont have time for their family and their children. And they realize it when there has a huge distance between the kids and the parents.

The point is if parents give their children some time from their busy schedule then there would be no such problem. At times you need to act as a friend to your children in order understands them more nicely.

Points to be elaborated:

Our parents lived in a bit slower society and they adjusted to that as well but now the pace has increased considerably but they have same patterns what they used to have.

The things which were considered luxuries at some time are now needs of today.

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People who are already adjusted to a particular lifestyle find it very difficult to adjust to new trends and requirements.

The new generation is learning and adopting fast to the needs of the fast growing society which is sometimes a concern for elders.

Their work patterns, jobs enjoyment and every other living pattern is very different.

I believe the new trends are hard for them to adjust and we the present generation find it hard to make them understand.

People have less time now are no time to relax upon things and work patterns are very quick.

Parents want their child to follow the society tradition.

I would suggest parents are more in commanding position and they should try to get acquainted to new trends if not then atleast try to understand their children needs and remove age or parent children relation ship and give space without getting out the respect factor.

Understanding parents can always help a lot and it is very easy for an elder to initiate than a younger one.

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