An Argument in Favor of the Verdict in the Case of Brown vs. Board of Education

A Case of Emotional Impact The Brown vs. Board of Education case was a difficult task for Earl Warren, while he serve as a justice in the Supreme Coun, Earl Warren gives his account of what he went through to get the decision to pass unanimously and the pressure he dealt with. With, especially those who disagree with him, the decision involved segregation of blacks and whites in public schools, and the idea that “separate was not equal,” The issue was controversial because many people discriminated the blacks and did not think they should be allowed to integrate themselves in the lives of white people.

Warren disagreed With this opinion because he felt it was morally wrong, and he went through strenuous actiVIties to keep segregation from continuing. The decision to end segregation was not easy to deal With because Warren wanted it to be unanimous so there would be a united coun and no question as to how constitutional or morally right it was.

Some of the justices did no agree with Warren’s point of view so he had to convince them that he was right. Many Americans were outraged by his decision and wanted him impeached. Even President Eisenhower, who appointed him when he thought Warren was a moderate. said he regretted doing so. Warren knew he could not satisfy everybody so he did not object to criticism leveled at him. Although many did not agree. he felt he acted in accordance. With the judicial process I think Warren did the right thing in influencing the Supreme Court Justices to end separation of blacks and whites in public schools.

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Being separated by race proved to be unequal, and while many did not want it, the deci5ion to allow integration would give blacks a chance to be equal that they did not have before. I admire Earl Warren for acting against the Wills of so many to do what he thought was morally right and constitutional.

He even took this case an extra mile by making the Supreme Court vote unanimously against segregation. At the time, with the sentiment toward blacks being the way it was, it seemed that to have a unanimous decision on such an opinion would be impossible, but Warren made it happen. The decision changed the status blacks were legally given in society so that they would have a better chance to be successful. Warren surprised those who thought he was moderate, and he was accused of stabbing those in the back that wanted segregation, but he did what he did with a clear conscience. It was not important that eveiyone be satisfied With the decision, but that it judge segregation as being unconstitutional. In my opinion warren just did his job, and did it for the good of many in the long run. The decision did not end segregation immediately, nor has it yet, but it took a step forward in doing so.

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