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American Red Cross is not for profit organization established in Washington DC. It is well known all over the country because of its exemplary services and the way it responds in case of emergencies. It is a charitable institution that offers emergency help, disaster relief and also train on disaster awareness and preparedness in the US. They as well offer financial assistance to the victims. Other services that they offer include providing blood product for those in needs which they get from volunteer blood donors, educating people on how to save lives with first aid caregiving and water safety skills and reconnecting separated families (Cross, 2017).

American Red Cross Activity

American Red Cross is a disaster specialist and each year they are able to respond to nearly 64000 events and offer help. It has employed 21000 employees and has more than 300,000 volunteers located in different parts of the country. The employees together with the volunteers provide compassionate care to those in needs. They all share a common mission of relieving and preventing pain and suffering all over the country.

American Red Cross is one of the most diverse organizations in the US. Their headquarter is in Washington D.C, they have chapter offices and donation centers all over the country. It has a nationwide network of 264 chapters and 36 blood service regions. Some of the blood donation centers include Kearny Mesa and Women, infant and Children headquarters in San Diego. The organization has more than $6 billion total revenue. Most of their expenses come from biological services which account to more than 63% (Grabianowski, 2016).

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American Red Cross is an independent organization that exists as a nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable institution pursuant to a charter as granted to us by the US Congress. It is headed by the Gail J. McGovern, the CEO. The organization is not funded by government but they are able to get funds from donations and also cost recovery fees charged for some of the services they offer. They may receive money from the government in case the government contract Red Cross to offer some services.

American Red Cross helps all people in need regardless of their age, gender, race, religion or citizenship status. They feed, offer shelter and emotional support to all people in need of help all over the country. That is why they have diversely located their employees and volunteers in various cities around the country. Their humanitarian mission is to deliver help to whoever needs it. They not only provide help to those who need it but they also train people all over the country on how to help in case of emergencies. Annually they manage to train approximately 4 million people on medical skills. They also share more than a million messages on emergency for the military services.

Services they provide

Being one of the largest aid organization in the world, American red cross works differently depending on the services they are providing. The American Red Cross main function can be categorized into four areas which include blood collection, aid to victims of wa and soldiersr, disaster relief and community outreach and education. In case of an emergency like an accident they arrive at the scene within the shortest time period and offer help to the victims. They give first aid to the victims and also rush them to the nearby hospital so that they can receive treatment. When they are providing financial assistance they request for documents to identify the individual and to verify whether they live in disaster-impacted areas (Wheeler, 2013).

Blood collection is one of main duty that most people associate the American Red Cross with. Due to accidents, illnesses and surgeries Americans require approximately 39,000 units of blood daily. Through the help of Red Cross, they manage to collect blood from donors which are then shipped to the component lab which separates the blood into red blood cells, plasma and platelets and testing lab which test the blood to ensure that it is safe and free from any transmissible diseases (Grabianowski, 2016). It is then taken to hospitals according to needs to be used by the patients and stored to help in case of emergency.

During disaster relief Red Cross gets at the scene and provide food, water, shelter and medical services. They as well provide mental health counseling to the victims as well as the volunteers, and rescuers. They have specially trained personnel who are experts in disaster counseling. They also assist people to get back to their lives after the disaster by offering them tools that will support them (Cross, 2017).

During war, American Red Cross give help and comfort to victims of war and soldiers. They do this by keeping the armies in contact with their family members and distributing care packages. They have a huge impact on society by offering safety education programs. They also provide people with the tools that they may need to become lifesavers.

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