A View on the Generation of Millennials on Online Education

Is there really a generation that has the power to change the way that educators do their job? Millennials, “the generation born between 1981-1999” (Nicholas, 2008, p. 27), are the most prominent group currently serving as college students and were raised during a time in which “students are increasingly savvy when it comes to technology” (Wilson, 2004, p. 66).

If this is true then it would make sense for Millennials to be exceptionally successful when it comes to online education. Kilburn, Stapleton, Starrett, and Wen chose to test and see if this generation was the best fit for online learning based on the characteristics that seem to support that claim.

Also, Arlene Nicholas wanted to test how beneficial online learning was to this generation and what type of education was most preferred. Maureen Wilson discussed the ways that this generation was different from others and should be handled based on seven principles. Let’s see what results come from these studies.

In the article titled, “Preferred Learning Methods of the Millennial Generation,” Arlene Nicholas attempts determine which way of learning is best for the Millennials.

In her study she surveyed around 100 students and asked questions like: “What study methods help you to better understand a course topic,” “What types of electronic resources do you USE for your assignments?”, and “When you begin an information search, what is your starting point?” (Nicholas, 2008)

From the answers that she received, she could conclude that the students would rather not use the technology that is available to do schoolwork.

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One example of this when she says, “in a school where laptops are required of students, it is a small percentage of them that brings them to class for typing notes.”(Nicholas, 2008, p. 32)

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