A View on the Best Schools for the Sportsmanship

Football, basketball, soccer, and baseball are some of the most popular, but there are a plethora of sports one could choose to follow and enjoy watching. The culture that is sports fandom is extremely beneficial and offers a great community to be a part of, extensive travel options, and a boatload of job opportunities for anyone interested in working where they love.

Being a sports fan provides an opportunity to be a part of a great community of people like yourself.

People are always looking for something to identify with, and sports is the perfect thing. Anywhere you go, if you look around, it is hard not to find someone wearing some kind sports gear, a hat, a shirt, a jersey, and the apparel acts as a really easy conversation starter. For instance, if you walk around Philadelphia with an Eagles hat on, many, many people will give you a high five, throw you a “nice hat!” if not stop to talk to you about how the Eagles might do in Sunday’s game.

Another way you can be united in this sporting community is playing fantasy football. Fantasy football is played by choosing players from different teams to create your own team. Your team then competes against 8-12 or your friends’ teams to see who’s players accumulate more points. Fantasy football is just the most popular you could play fantasy baseball, basketball, or hockey.

Playing fantasy sports is a competitive way to follow your favorite teams and players, if watching is not enough for you, create a free fantasy league, invite some friends who invite their friends, and have a year of competitive fun.

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What you gain from this friendly competition is a better knowledge of the game, and you meet new people creating stronger relationships than you would think. You might even make a little money! Sports fandom has its own community which is open to anyone at any time whether it is today or next year, and it will be with you for as long as desired.

Another advantage of being an avid sports fan is travel. To give an example, my family and I take two vacations a year, one on thanksgiving, and the other anytime during football season. Sometimes both tie into each other given that thanksgiving is in the midst of football season. Being a sports fan is some people’s biggest passion and could be the basis of some vacations they take, my family included in this group.

Normally when we plan a vacation, it is to a city with a football team like Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, or Indianapolis. These cities listed are just a few we have traveled to entirely because they have football teams. When planning a trip, the heart of it would be on Sunday, game day, and the rest of the journey is shaped around this event. Sports fandom can lead you to hundreds of different cities in the US, and also the astonishing world, and the community is waiting there, wherever you go, ready to welcome you with open arms.

If someone is integrated into the sports world, it doesn’t matter if it is football, baseball, hockey, basketball, anything, there are about a thousand prestigious jobs that sports have to offer. If not playing the sport for a living, one can more than likely accel in one of the surpluses of jobs needed for a sport to thrive. One of my friends is studying to become a sports trainer, he is studying kinesiology and sports sciences, learning how to take care of an athlete’s body.

My previous major would have set me up to be a broadcaster, telling the daily sports news in front of a camera for KEYT or maybe even ESPN. What I am studying, for now, is to work for an NFL team’s general manager doing player analysis and prospecting young players. Another route you could go is to become a team’s insider, be a reporter exclusive to the Oakland Athletics, for example, and interview the new players. Sports photography is a giant industry you could be a part of, although you may get hit on the sidelines so watch out. You could go into coaching, refereeing, maybe even own a team, although you need money if you want to do that.

Maybe designing logos for the Los Angeles Kings for when they want a change, or maybe working a concession stand selling jerseys and keychains in the Chicago Bulls stadium.1 There are so many jobs affiliated with the sports world that anyone can do if you know everything there is to know about the game, or you just want to sell hot dogs and waters to 70,000 people all wearing the same clothes, there is a job for you in sports if you want one.

Whether you are involved in sports for business or pleasure, there are benefits economically and culturally. Would this apply if the NFL expanded into new countries? The NFL is already considering moving a team to London. While travel for players would be difficult, the fans will benefit from a bigger community, expanded travel, and more jobs. I personally am excited to travel to London for the new NFL teams opening game!

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