A Study on the Different Scope of an Emergency Situation

Emergency situations need to be handled carefully in order to avoid increasing the risks that are involved. It is important to have and understanding on underlying risk factors, which have contributed to the existing emergency in order to develop an effective counter plan under which better decisions, can be made. It is very difficult to anticipate for a given emergency since in most cases they do not follow the highlighted risk management plan that has been developed within a given setting.

This paper provides a significant focus into an emergency within a critical focus on the severity of the emergency, impact, scope and important aspects that can be put in place to ensure that there is development of a crucial counter strategy.

The disaster at the tunnel that is being considered in this case was very severe where it was very difficult for the receiver process to be carried out in time. This was mainly due to the consideration of the location of the incident where the two trains collided head on at a sharp curve. The impact of the collision between the commuter and freight train was very high especially the severe deceleration which caused multiple injuries (Eckstein, 2009). What is the impact and scope of the emergency?

The accident led to 25 passengers and crewmembers being fatally injured and additional 133 were critically injured. Even though there were emergency service, responses there was need to devise a plan which would ensure that there is less impact on the passengers who were trapped since their lives depended on safe evacuation.

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The accident therefore has a huge impact on emergency services preparedness and the ability to deal with diverse unexpected situations. The organization and coordination of various services within the emergency focus was critical in trying to find a breakthrough on the best possible way under which it would be possible to have effective process (Eckstein, 2009).

The occurrence of the emergency and the location under which it took place was very much unexpected and there was no underlying focus on the already existing strategy. This would be effectively integrated into emergency response in order to ensure that there is quick recovery process and save many lives as possible. Emergency services develop a plan to counter a given emergency based on underlying understanding on general focus, however, an environment that is created under this case is unique where there is need for multiple players to execute a common strategy.

No communication from any of the trains who had been involved in the accident. The initial communication came from a resident nearby which means that there was no clear information regarding the incident under which decisions would be easily made under which critical strategies would be incorporated to ensure better planning and effective reorganization. Planning for emergency is always based on the information that is relayed where there is crucial focus on the underlying issues.

The response teams in this case realized the difficulty of the situation when they reached the location (Johnson, 2016). What would your team need to know about the situation from the perspective of your role? The team would want to know the location of the emergency as a well as a small description about the incident in order to allow for effective planning. Development of an emergency plan can only be effectively developed when their crucial information about the emergency and thus focus on ensuring a high-level response. Another important aspect that will be considered in this case would be to understand the severity of the emergency to put in place a well-developed coordination plan (McSheffrey, 2017).

A description of minimum 2 policies, laws, and/or regulations as well as the government agencies responsible for the governance and oversight of this emergency or HC services during it State officials have been given the power to address emergency situation within their jurisdiction, which is an effort, by the federal government to ensure that there is quick response and organization and maximize the available time.

The local emergency response department and Federal Emergency Management Agency are key agencies that have been tasked with governance and oversight of this emergency through the integration of other emergency response teams who have been organized effectively to ensure that there is successful operation. The policies that have been considered in this case include the establishment of the central command system considering the diversity of the emergency and development of an emergency preparedness plan (Johnson, 2016).

When considering my role as finance administrative chief, I am heavily involved in this case where there is significant focus and understanding on the need to ensure that the whole process is successful. The key tasks that I integrate in order to ensure that the emergency situation is controlled would be contribution to the development of the emergency action plan by highlighting key elements that need to be sourced to ensure quick and effective response.

Establishing purchasing guidelines of the key resources needed for effective response will also be a key responsibility. This will include coordinating the available resources such as evacuation airplanes and other materials, which will be used on creating room for a successful process in evacuating trapped victims (McSheffrey, 2017). Identify minimum 2 stakeholders your job role will be involved in dealing with this emergency. Explain how and why this relationship is important.

The stakeholders that I will deal with in this case will be emergency coordination manager, the local emergency department chief and respective clients who will provide these resources for effective recovery process. The relationship is crucial in ensuring smooth operations under which it would be easier to coordinate the emergency services when everyone understand what key elements need to be considered in improving the effectiveness of the response.

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